Good Luck, Bad Luck; It is all the Same!

Friends, Greetings from Florida: Happy 2017!

“Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same.” There is a famous teaching story which begins with a village farmer whose favourite horse runs away. His gossipy neighbours tsk tsk and say to him “Oh, you have terrible luck.”

His response: “Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same.”

His son leaves to look for the horse and discovers it running with a wild herd.  He brings the horse and the herd home.

The neighbours cluck: “Oh, you have very good luck!”

The old farmer says: “Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same.”

His son starts working with the wild horses and is thrown and breaks his leg.

The neighbours say: “Oh, you have bad luck!”

The old farmer says: “Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same.”

The next week soldiers come by to conscript every able-bodied young man to fight the latest war. They skipped over his son with the broken leg and the villagers said, “You have great luck!”

His response was the same: “Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same.”

When we withhold judgements about events in our lives, not deeming them lucky or unlucky, then we are practicing the art of equanimity and have reached a high level of witnessing consciousness. Of course it is a challenging time watching the fallout of Brexit or the American elections and not getting into an emotionally reactive state. Humour and the art of meditation helps us to trust and accept with grace of what is, so we may thrive and live a resilient life from within; no matter what challenges or obstacles present themselves at our doorsteps.

So though many of you have been feeling quite unhappy about recent events, I wish to do a little reframing for you. We are witnessing one of the greatest opportunities for a shift of humanity’s consciousness on a global scale. This shift is affecting the entire planet due to global instantaneous communications. People are speaking out with protests, creating petitions and the news ricochets around the planet with White Lightning speed, or rather the click of a button on a computer.

The world is waking up.  Being in the States the last few months I have never witnessed the media so active, so critical and so deeply penetrating; scrutinizing every scrap of information that passes through each day. And this applies whether it is the news reporters or the late night comedians. They are questioning and challenging at every single turn. As soon as one cabinet member is put forward for examination, their history of mis-administrations is revealed. It is refreshing. Never before has it presented like this as far as I can remember. Each candidate is the diametrically opposite of what you wish in each particular office. It is quite hilarious and stark in contrast. For example, the suggested man for the head of the EPA – the Environmental Protection Agency – is someone who wished to disband the agency. Each candidate suggested is being clearly shown to be extremely unsound ethically or unqualified experientially for the job in question. The choices are being openly questioned, exposed and challenged each step of the way. Cory Booker, a Senator, testified against the suggestion of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Good luck, bad luck it is all the same!

I must confess to enjoying the depth of discontent, the lightning responses and disclosures of content.  And now we see the underbelly of the beast! Evidence is being presented, thoughtfully, and urgently.  The truth is being presented. The cracks are clearly there in the edifice. All is being spoken.  The LIGHT is penetrating, the people’s voices of dissent are being heard.

So, I am feeling optimistic when I witness people engaged, aspiring to fairness, justice and opportunity for all –not just the top 1% to use and abuse other people and the planet.

So with these events on the outside it reflects a shift on the inside of our collective gestalt. As above, so below, as within so without. As all of us do our inner work of clearing and transmuting the density of emotions and history within us, the outside world will reflect our changes. So it is a great incentive to keep on doing the work! Healing ourselves, finding peace and sanctuary within, we create it without.

20170108_172805In April we are having an Introduction to Shamanic Healing and Integration where people will come together in community as each person receives a healing.  We have ceremony to help integrate and celebrate the return of power and energy. We share methods making healing part of your lifestyle.   It is a great weekend to attend if you are thinking of joining the two year program; a time to meet and work with myself and Rahima and to feel what it is to be in community for healing.

One of my most favourite quotes is from Caroline Casey: “Imagination lays the tracks for the reality train.” Mystics and physicists like Albert Einstein have also known and expressed the value of imagination. It is a task of shamanic oriented people to dream the world into being.  Some of us stand at the threshold between the various worlds and levels of reality and we bring in the new streams, the inspiring streams the fresh and uplifting streams.  If we can’t dream it, we can’t be it.

The Medicine for the Earth work helps us dream the world into being by taking the time to explore our visions, thoughts and intentions.  We will be holding this weekend on an organic farm in Dorset where it will be possible to camp on site and be immersed in nature and live in harmony with the elements.   We will be working on ourselves and getting ourselves into the most harmonious alignment for positive manifestation for ourselves and the world.

These tools give us inner resilience and deep centring.

Cobb7-WEB2The Lyme Game weekend will give you another tool of witnessing, a joy to play with as you enlighten yourself day by day. There is an initiation weekend in May where you will get your own book and dice and learn this awesome divination game that is celebrating its 30th year anniversary! In all the spiritual work I have done, the Lyme Game is the one which has accelerated my growth most consistently, as no other tool or method I have worked with has in the last 40 years, helping me to access my gifts. It is with great joy and delight I am offering a weekend of initiation into this divinatory game. You will take this away with you and continue to play for as long as you wish.

We are starting another two year program of the Sacred Path Apprenticeship this year – the “SPA” which can also be taken as a Shamanic Practitioner Apprenticeship.  It is entirely up to each individual involved. The two-year circle gives an opportunity for an immersion in community and deepen one’s own personal shamanic practice as well as learn the methods to be of service to others and the larger community through ceremony. We go deeply and profoundly within and with each other.

The constellations for the first Ancestral Healing weekend are nearly completely booked though we have room for people to join as representatives. If you are looking to get your constellation done you will most likely need to sign up for the September gathering. Unless of course you wish to join in Colorado in August.

And then there is always the autumn for the 8 week online Colour Athenaeum course! …

Many exciting changes and events are happening around the world.  I celebrate the expansion and deepening of human kindness, generosity and the collective responsibility we share as citizens of the world; custodians of this beautiful planet, our great mother and home.

Join us in person or spirit, keeping your inner fires burning; your passion and zest for life and joy alive!

Wishing you great joy and momentum, love and laughter, even if it is amongst tears!

Love Chetna

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7 Simple Keys for Entering your Inner Temple

The kingdom of heaven lies within.  Yet often when I ask my students if they meditate, a vague uneasiness passes between us before they say, “I tried but it didn’t really work for me.” It is almost as if meditation is relegated to a mysterious and sacred realm from which they are excluded.  And feelings arise, ranging from embarrassment to disempowerment. 

Meditation seems very serious and unattainable.  But it is not.  It is simple and it is your birth right to access the realms of bliss, directly from within.

ImageYes, it is a heroic journey to enter your golden temple within.  There are hurdles, and twists and turns on the path.  But do not be discouraged!  Meditation is for everyone, not just monks sitting on mountaintops.  Oh no… 


The problem with the perception of meditation is that we are looking for ‘something’ to happen when actually it is about nothing happening. It is an absence rather than a presence.

Whereas society’s message is to be something, to make something, to do something, to create something, to get out there, to achieve! – meditation’s message is to sit still, to be silent, to witness, to stop all doing and enjoy your inner being.  

It almost feels weird to stop activity and have space.  And if you do manage to finally create space it can be frightening.  Yes, the emptiness of meditation can be frightening.  A kaleidoscope of emotions can arise.  Sometimes the aloneness can be perceived as loneliness.  When you make this space anything suppressed can surface.  So in that gap, what arises?….. Ghosts. 

So the first key is to acknowledge and have compassion for your fear.

When you make friends with your ghosts then you have to negotiate with your mind’s saboteur.  When meditating, the thought may arise, “I am not doing it right because magically something is supposed to happen, I am supposed to feel bliss and nothing is happening.”

This is the beauty of meditation.  You are on the first step!  Hooray, NOTHING is happening.  Is that not a miracle?

Modern life is hyper-stimulated. There is a quantum shift in the amount of communications we are all processing compared to even 25 years ago. The use of mobile phones and the internet keeps us all connected in a way that has been unprecedented.  This external occurrence parallels what is happening on the spiritual inner planes: a massive network of freely available, liberating, enlightening energy which is contributing to a significant global shift in consciousness. 

The divine paradox is breathtaking to behold.  While people are feeling overwhelmed in the frenetic pace of overloaded lives, this has created a desperate need to meditate, to come to a still point, to find their inner silence.  Without the stress and pressure, people would probably ignore meditation as a luxury.  To simply cope with daily life, it is becoming a necessity.  

Each day we are all faced with the choice: ‘to be or not to be’  – on the end of a phone, responding to an email or interacting on Facebook.  At some point you decide, ‘I have to jump off the wheel of manic activity’. 

The universe is miraculous in that it creates so many more opportunities for us to imbibe light and also all these opportunities create the thirst for stillness!  The universe in its great wisdom is so divinely perfect.  Life is forcing us to the point we choose to go within to find our sanity or we descend into chaos.  No fence-sitting here!

And to me this is the crux of the gift of last year’s 2012 phenomenon.  The lines have been drawn.  If you operate from the old, fear-based paradigm you hit walls and are blocked; you experience pain and suffering.  If you let go into the new energies you are rewarded: things become easier, synchronicities abound. You see the miraculous in the ordinary when you operate from within.

I stopped blogging for a year now, because my soul wanted to be still.  My soul wanted to be with nature, and connected to my inner silence.  I didn’t want to add to the email overwhelm I was observing escalating at an unprecedented pace.  I needed to step back.  I needed to be with the silence and respect the energy as it was authentically flowing – or not flowing in this case! 

Having rested I can feel the energy is beginning to start again and existence is suggesting themes for sharing…  so we begin again…

Next time –




31st May – 2nd June we have a spot left on the Ancestral Healing weekend for having your family constellation placed.  The next Ancestral Healing weekend after that one is 13-15th September.  You are always welcome to join in the energy as a representative, even if your constellation can’t be placed.


16th of June kicks off the next Colour Athenaeum!  We will be working with the Earth Band over 11 weeks.

Shamanic Practitioner Apprenticeship 2 Year Program  aka ‘SPA’

Summer Solstice weekend we begin the next two year Shamanic circle. The energy of this circle has been building and building.  What a lovely gathering of souls thus far.  If you haven’t sent your application in yet or wish to discuss if this is a path for you, it is the time to get in touch now! 

(Here are some of this year’s SPA graduates who completed their training in February.)


If you want more details, you can sign up for my newsletter with news of workshops here:  (I send out a newsletters once or twice a year and I never share your information with anyone. )

With Joy and Juice!

Love Chetna


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If You Aren’t Enjoying, You Are Depriving This Planet of Joy

Mango and Caramel Delight, Bluebell Blue Wonder… What delicious colours feature this week!  How hard can it be to embody the sensuous Caramel dance, to imbibe the luscious exotic Mango streams of the laid back tropics and Imageto enjoy the wonder of the self-love of the Bluebell Blue? Do not resist temptation this week folks!  Give in to your senses and indulge in what feels nourishing and good. This is the mood of the moment, so go for it!  This is what is in harmony at this time, these are the streams being showered upon you to uplift and raise the energy of Light from within you.

Many of us have a spiritually ascetic side from past lives or ancestors. In some twisted way, suffering has been equated with being spiritually evolved. The challenge this week is: How much pleasure you will allow yourself to experience?  If you aren’t enjoying then you are depriving this planet of joy. So join the dance, savour some delicious fruit and celebrate the treasure that you are. You are a gift to this world, see your own beauty, recognise it and affirm it. Your duty this week is to enjoy yourself.

One of the ways to do that is to join in the fun that Sandra Ingerman will be having, starting today!  She is beginning a new class online called “Deepening our Practice,” and will be working with tools from Medicine for the Earth.  This is an amazing opportunity to work with Sandra at a very reasonable cost from your own home.   She will be broadcast streaming live video through the internet for six classes over alternate months with the last class being in 2013.  This is a great opportunity to be part of an on-going community sharing a focus organised by a world-class teacher.  Even if you miss the first call TONIGHT you can catch up as they are all recorded.

Check it out here: Ingerman’s Deepening our Practice   

Other news: We had a fabulous weekend of Ancestral Healing over March 23rd -25th.  The tears flowed, the healing happened! It was one of the most lovely circles of open-hearted people, who just dove in and did the deep work. Being by the sea and being able to work with the elements accelerated the process.  We had a cracking fire ceremony. Due to the requests for ancestral healing, I have booked a second weekend for this year — June 1st – 3rd — and as always it is limited to 6 constellations so we have time for other ancestral work. Some places are booked already, so if you are considering, check out my website to book or give me a ring to see if it is right for you. 

Yesterday, Pete and I were out walking along the stream, through the woods, harvesting nettle tops for soup and nettle tea. The plants are surging and the plant devas are singing.  We had a brilliant day and met some old friends along the way.  


It is so beautiful and the air is filled with the sweet smell of spring bursting everywhere.  The sun has been streaming, the winds are carrying the perfumes.  Go on, get off the computer,  enjoy the nectars…time to be outside!

Much love,



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White Lightning Shocks, Fawn Dream Realizations,Khaki Focussed Discipline

This week coming is an opportunity to activate your awareness by welcoming the disturbances in your life as your teachers.  “Life as the teacher” a great truism bandied about.  But how often do we experience it as a truth?  When Lightning strikes and the blow is delivered, how easy is it to embrace and see it as an evolutionary opportunity?

This is when the Fawn Colour Ray comes to the rescue.  In the dream time, in our forays into multiple dimensions when we sleep, we can find the answers and healing to issues that arise in daily life. Before you set off to dream, state your intention as if you were making a shamanic journey: “I intend to meet my teachers in my dream state to explore the issue coming up today to learn and integrate the teaching and to remember the teaching before I awake.”

When you arise, have the Khaki discipline to jot down your dreams.  And then later review your notes and journey further if need be. Ask for that dream each night until you get it and remember it.

I had the great pleasure in a dream the other morning where I was in some dimension of old Tibet or monks in the Himalayas, droning and chanting with them.  I remember past lives there.  The peace and serenity of the sonorous chants wove a state of deep relaxation and grace into my very being.

Upon arising in this reality, I heard someone in my neighbourhood was working with a chainsaw. I love the ways the worlds overlap, when chainsaws become chanting and chanting melds into the drone of chainsaws. I was very tickled and considered my practise of transfiguring with divine light is obviously having a good impact.

I met with the Shamanic Practitioner Apprentices a few weeks ago and we covered the component of Extraction and Healing with Spiritual Light. Everyone was buzzing after the 5 days and the Light was overflowing abundantly. I reviewed Healing with Spiritual Light in the Tuesday Rainbow Circle here in Lyme and we again had a brilliant time and everyone was vibrating with ecstatic juice.  Yes the ecstatic present!

People loved the fact that by merging with their own Divinity they could offer healing without seeming to do anything, but rather just sink deeply into “Being”. Moving away from the Newtonian model and into the quantum field, we practiced raising our energy and delighting in our own divine juice.  When we merged with our truest potential, we generated the resonance with the limitless quantum field of love light and healing – where everything comes into harmony spontaneously.  It felt good and it was fun.

Adrian Beckingham, the man from story mountain, who has visited indigenous peoples around the world and learned stories from them, came to the circle. He shares some of those stories in his book called “Stories that crafted the Earth” which you can find out about here:

So all is moving along beautifully and in a few day’s time we are beginning the next Colour Athenaeum. This on line home study course is described in more detail here.   It is not too late to join us if you are interested but act fast if you are.

The mists have been coming off the sea the last few days.  Sap is rising and the sweet smell of spring has been intermingled with the salty air.  Crocus, snow drops, daffodils….It is a good time to be alive!

I see you in your divine radiance, like the flowers, shining,

With love,


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Vision Voyages in 2012

Hi Everyone

Cosmic momentum is moving us swiftly into 2012 and it is a wonderful year to experience the outpouring of divine energies.  When the surges of expansion arrive, many feel challenged.  It can be hard to remember at the time, but these periods of challenge are the critical moments where enormous opportunities for growing present themselves.  We have no choice but to use our deepest resources within ourselves to transform the obstacle into a teaching.  Nothing prepares you more effectively than using your skills of shamanic journeying and meditation to keep you flowing smoothly on your river.


Introduction to Journeying  —  February 4th – 5th

Our next Introduction to Shamanic Journeying is being held February 4th and 5th in Lyme Regis, Dorset. Join us, so you can learn the method to alter your state of awareness at will and expand your awareness, learning to see as a shaman sees?  Journeying is a natural progression from having a shamanic healing and it helps you to integrate your healing.  It feels fantastic to merge with your own sources of inspiration and wisdom within.  Nothing is more healing than going straight to your source.

When you learn to journey you are empowered with vision, grace and healing.  Wouldn’t that be useful?  Click here for more

Sharing in a Shamanic Community?

Join the Colour Athenaeum   —  Starting March 3rd

This March we are kicking off the next round of the Colour Athenaeum — exploring the 21 Colour Rays of the Mauve Band.  This circle is for people who want to join an online shamanic community with 8 weekly conference calls and assignments with an online forum.

If you are looking for an excuse to discipline yourself to journey more, learn about yourself, and be part of a circle focussed on healing, self, others and the planet, then you would benefit from being part of the Athenaeum.  Those who work with Reiki and shamanism LOVE working with the Colour Ray Masters as they delight in touching us with their energy, as well as wisdom through shamanic journeys.

The Colour Athenaeum is not only the best excuse to keep practicing, and to stay focussed on your spiritual journey work, it offers you a opportunity for continuing professional development and personal work in a playful, yet deep way.

The Colour Rays offer you the chance to evolve your work as a practitioner, enhancing your expertise as a shamanic practitioner or light worker, helping you to be more precise, subtle and refined.  Experience the magic as you get more deeply involved and form personal relationships with the Masters of Light and bring that energy into your daily living.   Click here for more…

Ancestral Healing with Family Constellation  —  March 23rd – 25th

Ancestral HealingThe weekend of March 23rd- 25th is filling up fast, so if you are thinking about it, you probably want to act very soon to book a spot to have your constellation done as there are only a few places left now.  There are more spaces to come as representatives and do the ancestral storytelling and journey work for your family.

We have some more workshops lined up for the year including Shamanic Healing and Integration in June, Medicine for the Earth in September and we are beginning the next circle of Shamanic Practitioner Apprentices.  Go to my Vision Voyages website for more information about those.

There are a couple of workshops lined up in the States as well at the end of September and the beginning of October, sandwiching my visit to Ghost Ranch in New Mexico with Sandra Ingerman Teachers.  How I love to meet my colleagues there!  Blessings of the interlocking circles abound.

Meditation Anyone?

MeditationOften people say to me, “I know meditation is good for me but I don’t know how to do it.  I have tried and it doesn’t seem to work.”  I have found that meditation helps journeying and journeying helps meditation.  On most of my courses, I introduce easy to follow meditation practices to help you to deepen and become the “Hollow Bone” or “Hollow Bamboo”.   The ones I most highly recommend are ‘Osho Kundalini Meditation’, and ‘Osho Nadabrahma Meditation’.
Both of these hour-long meditations have various stages and are available on a CD which has directions enclosed.  And it is easy to stick with your practice after our time together by picking up one of the CDs on Amazon and continuing at home.
When ‘stuff’ arises and it is hard to shake free, Osho Kundalini is the one to try as it includes 4 stages including shaking and dancing.  Osho Nadabrahma also has stages but it is more sound based with humming. It activates and clears the pineal and pituitary glands, helping you to have clear vision. Though it has less physical movement than Kundalini, that is not to say it is less powerful!  To download the meditations, click here.


I want to say thank you to everyone who sent healing to Ian, Pat Malcolm’s (the visionary animal artist: grandson who is recovering and been able to come off dialysis and hopefully soon to go home.  Be well Ian, and may the love and healing continue.
I want to welcome Kamelia and Dylan’s beautiful baby girl who arrived 16th of January at 3:50 am in Cardiff.   Happy arrival beautiful soul!  We look forward to hearing the good news of Moschoula and Yiorgos’s easy delivery of their baby in Greece this February.  Welcome to planet Earth little ones!
Liz and Ross will be heading to Liz’s homeland Brazil soon with 7 months old baby Zaria who was born in Dorset.  All of us in Lyme wish you a very happy journey with fun adventures ahead, though we all will miss those sparkling eyes and happy cuddle times at the Friday morning gatherings!
Blessings to all for a happy and prosperous 2012.  I look forward to our paths crossing at the right time.
Love Chetna

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January 24, 2012 · 10:59 pm

Pastel Pink:Nostalgia, Pinstripe Grey:Intuition, Rape Yellow:Self Value

Feeling a bit nostalgic this week? Pastel Pink helps us to look to our past to acknowledge our gifts and strengths without getting caught in the traps of would have, could have, should have. You may be feeling the gifts coming down your ancestral line. If you aren’t then take a moment to consider and give thanks.

Pinstripe Grey asks us to be intuitive with our money energy flow and surf the currents which exist. It takes a certain level of alertness to the waves of money and there is a skill to catching and riding the wave. Waves of abundance happen. It’s gift to ride the waves as they present, rather than to expend great efforts to make waves.

So many people have lost faith in the present system of economics and money energy exchange. It is time to envision the new more harmonious ways of channelling the energy of money rather than bewail what is presenting. If you are feeling stuck with the money energy flow in your life, journey to Pinstripe Grey and ask for help to unblock the flow.

If you are feeling like connecting to planetary healing streams ask Pinstripe Grey to show you how the new economy will look when it is based upon cooperation and the greater good, instead of the greed of the minority. We need to dream the right dream. We need to use our imagination to envision what could be, only then it has the chance of arriving. And then we need to energise our intent by seeing it as if it has already happened.

When I journeyed to Pinstripe Grey and I asked what image I could use to assist in the global economic re-structuring and recovery, I was shown silvery grey streams of metallic looking water in constant bubbling motion running all around the planet like a network.

At first glance far above the globe, I thought it was water. As I got closer and closer I saw it was a stream of silver coins flowing in constant abundance and it was equally available all around the world. Anyone can tap into these abundance streams. The Earth appeared very green and nature was lush.

I felt as well as saw the abundance was flowing effortlessly and continuously around the world. This continually moving stream felt like the metaphor of veins and arteries in our bodies -constantly moving our blood around. The feeling was of great peace and relaxation, of great trust in the generosity of the planet and its ability to meet all of our needs appropriately. It was the feeling of a great mother holding her offspring; all of them. The quote “All is well and all will be well” felt resonant. This is the image and feeling I am to hold to and see.

Rapeseed Yellow is the third colour of the week, supporting us to be resilient and value ourselves, our visions and love. No matter what others do or say, our inner reality is strong and vibrant and flush; no one can take that away from us. No one can crush our dreams. We will do more than survive, we will thrive.

It has been an intense time with strange energies about since the global media splurge depicting the manner of Gaddafi’s death by the rebels. How instant communication is in our world now and what devastating imagery is shared within seconds.

Rape Yellow says we will not be crushed, but a harmonious use of Rape Yellow is not in retaliation, it is not to crush the other. The rapeseed field is full of blossoms on spindly stalks. Each plant alone may not make the impression but it when they stand together vulnerable and open under the sky, their radiant glory sings, their perfume pervades.

The gift of Rape Yellow is to never become barbaric, like the ones who oppress, as we shine our lights. Instead we keep our freshness, our openness, our hearts intact. We share from the deep radiance of our soul, the invisible substance.

Blessings abound. Celebrate being held in the bounty of the harvest. There is so much for which to be grateful.

If you do the Pinstripe Journey post your results below!

Much love,


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Live, Love, Laugh: Laughing with the Rainbow

Mystics and sages through the ages have embraced the teaching that true happiness is derived from the ability to embrace with equanimity whatever life brings.  It is easy to celebrate when life brings you the brilliant colours of the rainbow, but what happens when we trawl through the durgy coloured bits?

Yes, to remain neutral, to view the tragedies and the peaks of joy from the same balanced witnessing, is a lovely concept, but easier said than done.

Laughing Rainbow beckons us further than equanimity; it urges us to feel and remember the grandest view – that life is a vast playground made for entertainment purposes only.

And then it takes us down another step, even deeper.  I love this part the most: on the deepest level of soul, it shows us that we have set the stage and written the script.

Many a time on the path I have heard the words uttered:  “Well, if I was responsible for making this story I certainly wouldn’t have written this crappy script for myself.”

Ho ho ho!  Have you gotten the joke yet?

We are a joke unto ourselves.  We set the stage, we write the script, we act out the dramas, we evolve.  We are density working its way to pure light. The cosmic joke is upon us, for us, created by us. When life gives us lemons, the art is in feeling grateful we have everything we need to make lemonade.

There is a huge shift each one of us decides to make here: from being a hard done by victim of life, into an empowered co-creator who has the power to alter course to come back into harmony.  Each of us has that freedom and choice.  Only the individual can choose their position to be a victim or a co-creator.  For me it was the pivotal point of my life, what I now call growing up.

The energy of the week brings us not only the Laughing Rainbow but the gliding pure Swan White and the raucous and ready Bottle Brown.  The purity and grace and ease of the swan in its elegant beauty carries an energy benefiting all. Tune into Swan White when you need peace, calmness, tranquillity.

Bottle Brown, is let go – releasing yourself from the restrictions and structures of your normal frame of reference.  Recreational substances like alcohol are used to loosen the grip of the ‘mind’ and allow a crack into an alternate way of perception.

However, alcohol or substances are not the only way to go; the gates of paradise are within and we have the capacity to alter our states of consciousness at will without having to ingest any substances.  The resurgence in the interest in shamanism is a great example of this.  By altering our brain patterns with movement and percussion we can achieve the shamanic state of ecstasy.

Hearing a repetitive rhythm of between 4 and 7 beats per second entrains our brain to theta waves, and there you go – an altered state –freedom from the usual perspective.

Once altered the art is to harness a clear intention, set an agenda and follow the internal maps.  Then you can access the limitless potential from within.  I tell seekers on the shamanic path, it is exactly like google, but you do not need a computer. You have your own inner google where you can ask anything and access infinite wisdom, love, energy and spiritual resources from within.

The powers that be distract us as best they can, to draw away from our inner gifts.  I imagine a world where people spend evenings drumming together in the evenings seeking their inner visions and sharing them with each other rather than passively sitting and watching television.

Awake to the worlds unfolding; it is just a few steps within.  Our brains are hot wired for it.  Everyone is moved when they hear live drumming.  Ever wonder why that is?

May the blessings of the Laughing Rainbow always be with you to help you:

Live: get outside, feel the wind, sing to the stars, dance with the trees;

Love: connect with your dear ones, be vulnerable, keep your heart open;

Laugh: celebrate the mystery, drop seriousness, allow shift to happen.

Enjoy your week.  I stepped away from the computer and went for my daily walk to the sea, to gaze with gratitude at the endless, vastness, the rippling beauty that is Lyme Bay.  We have a mini heat wave here, with balmy winds caressing everyone, holding us in the last embrace of the summer.  The warmth has a close humidity, like a clammy summer lover, reminding us to savour the last remnants before the dark, chill nights close in upon us.  I sat on the beach with friends near a fire, with a glass of wine in honour of Bottle Brown, enjoying my altered perspective and the setting of the sun.  This life so simply is beautiful.

This month we are making the schedule for next year. Introduction to Journeying, working with the Ancestors, working with the Colours in the Athenaeum, intake for the next Shamanic Practitioner Apprenticeship circle, are all on the agenda.

The Ocean Band cards are here and they are a joy to work with.  The Athenaeum has been going beautifully and everyone is diving deep. My heart sings…

With great love,


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Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There

Sunset Orange and Barbarous Red Reflections: Dying Gently into this Good Night.

In Dylan Thomas’ famous poem written as his father lay dying he urged:

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.  […]”

As people on the path to awakening, each moment invites us to let go of the fear-based, rational self and surrender to the greater wisdom of our vast, yet intangible soul. This can be frightening.  However, it is getting less and less frightening as the stakes seem to be getting higher and higher.

With all the Earth changes, monetary interlocking insecurity and financial shenanigans, with the pace of daily life speeding up, we seem to be pressed to make a clear choice at each juncture:  Do we go with fear based conditionings pumped out by the politicians, business moguls and media?  Or do we choose to have trust in the invisible, the intangible which is accessed only from our inner depths? Do we descend into fear and chaos?  Or do we rise in radiant awareness finding silence in our peaceful stillness?

Sanity lies deep within but do we make the space in our lives to sink deep within?  There is much fear mongering to keep people feeling busy and hassled.  A deep Barbarous Red rage can arise to fight against becoming a ‘doing’ machine: doing, doing, doing, running just to keep food on the table to ‘survive’.  This is what the powers that be would have us believe.

There is a gorgeous quote from the mystic Osho, which turns this conditioning on its head.  He said, “Don’t just do something, sit there.” But how easy is it to let go to sink like the sun upon the horizon and allow yourself to drop into stillness?

Sunset Orange, as a teacher, urges us to let go, release and relax our anxieties and fears.  The suggested meditation for this week is to practice letting go of your anxieties and stress as the sun sets each day.  Lay your responsibilities and burdens down with the sun, knowing full well that you can shoulder them when the sun arises.

You can take short breather breaks during the day, visualizing the sun setting and with it your troubles.   This has the benefit of recharging your batteries so you do not become out of balance with Barbarous Red.  Barbarous Red is about vitality and expressing your life force creatively.  You need to be well rested to channel that energy productively.  It is no good being tired and ratty. How often do mistakes happen out of exhaustion? How much illness arises due to the immune system being worn down with stress?

Barbarous Red comes with the positive energy of the warrior.  He will help you to rage against the conditionings which would make you a machine, the “dying of the light”.

It is a potent week this week of letting go of stress and recharging your batteries to bring your vitality back. Enjoy!

We are very much enjoying traveling in our circle with the Colour Athenaeum. What a great group of souls….

With loving colour,


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The Silent yet Sizzling Inner Highway

Being close to your inner self, leads you through the eternal gateways. When you can give the gift of silence and softness to yourself in the hurry scurry madness, you create your own elixir.  With the demands and pressures of work, of making a living, we can delude ourselves that it is okay to sacrifice the moments of stillness and silence.  After all, things need to get done.

But it is an illusion.  We need the silence, we need the stillness, we need the space just to be: to be with the trees, the rivers, the rocks and stones.  Stillness, non-doing, is not a luxury; it is a necessity, to drop into the zone, to descend into our inner depths, to feel from within.  These moments of stillness create a magical energy which emanates through all our activities and helps to create genuine intimacy with others.

Last week the Colours Pale Orange, Peach and Embryo Pink, created a special gateway to receive this energy.  Excuse me for not writing sooner about it, but I jumped off the wheel of doing and I retreated into silence… and it was so blissful, so juicy, I knew you wouldn’t mind.

And now after stillness, we are restored, ready to move forward with the Chemical White Ray; Chemical White is an energy of alchemy, the momentum for inner transformation.

To quote from this week’s Rainbow Revelation:

“If you let the Chemical White energy move through you, riding its momentum, you find yourself exhilarated.  You feel a lightness of spirit – as though touched by the Delight of the angels as you hurtle past the boundaries. The lightning-swift reactor of Chemical White raises the rate of vibration, melting the unnecessary chains or safety-bars, which hold you back from hurtling forward on the inner quest.”

We all have conditionings and mindsets which limit us. And basically as we become enlightened, filled with more light, we need to drop the loads of old habits which keep us limited and small. Yes, you know the habits which need to go.  This week we are supported by the energies from existence to see what they are and to let them be taken from us.  The Chemical White Ray wants to make your life lighter and help you shape shift into your true self. The Timber Brown Master is on hand as well to help you prune away the dead wood which simply is a burden.

So do not cry for what you lose this week, learn to celebrate it and give thanks to the powers that be for helping you to shift the load and become more authentic and aligned with your soul’s purpose.

This is the time to say ‘yes’ to the alchemy. It is for the greater good.

We are starting the 8 week online course The Colour Athenaeum this coming week.  With great joy and excitement I welcome these souls into the initiations with the sacred alchemy of colour!  If you are still thinking of joining, let Chemical White help you to move quickly!

With love, with light, with laughter,


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about Rainbow Revelations:

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Riders of the Storm

As the Storm Black, Bike Black and the Grey Rays are flooding the planet this week to awaken and enliven us on the inner planes, it is no coincidence that hurricane Irene is hitting the east coast of the North American continent simultaneously.

The divine energies will continue to pound through this week and all we need to do is accept them and embrace them.  They are transformational energies. These energies are helping us to break through old patterns that are no longer serving us.

On a collective level, the economic chaos has created clogged fury for many.  It is right that people feel in angry about the economic injustices and that the soul cries to break free. The manipulations of the heads of the financial industries have reached globally.  The sub-prime mortgage fiasco in the USA was spread to the European zone where countries like Greece have suffered.

How these people legally were allowed to siphon this money from honest hard working people by creating a complex, obscure system without any check and balances is now being exposed. These institutions which used to be thought of as reputable stole this money from investors and misled them. Storm Black helps us to be alert and to rage consciously against such actions.  No longer will people stand idly by.

Thankfully the mass media is getting the message out through comedy films such as “Fun with Dick and Jane” starring Jim Carrey where the head of the company profits excessively when he sells the shares in his own company before he crashes the company and destroys the pension and investments for all his employees.  It is quite telling that “The Inside Job”, a brilliant film narrated by Matt Damon, documenting the precise mechanics of what brought about the global financial crisis of 2008, won an Academy Award for best documentary.

The time has come and people want change.  Very simply the laws must change.  Bike Black is an energy which brings power, momentum and zest for making changes.  Grey is helping us bring these changes into the ordinary world.

Iceland is leading the way for revolutionary changes.  In this article It seems that in Iceland, “With the support of a furious citizenry, the government launched civil and penal investigations into those responsible for the financial crisis.”  Good News.

Journey to the Storm Black Master and ask for a healing, for yourself, for the economy and for the world. Ask that hurricane Irene affects the land and people for the good and not harm.


Learn more about working consciously with the Colour Rays:

The next online course starts the 11th September 2011.

Let’s all be riders of these storms…. together in supportive community.

With Love,


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