Riders of the Storm

As the Storm Black, Bike Black and the Grey Rays are flooding the planet this week to awaken and enliven us on the inner planes, it is no coincidence that hurricane Irene is hitting the east coast of the North American continent simultaneously.

The divine energies will continue to pound through this week and all we need to do is accept them and embrace them.  They are transformational energies. These energies are helping us to break through old patterns that are no longer serving us.

On a collective level, the economic chaos has created clogged fury for many.  It is right that people feel in angry about the economic injustices and that the soul cries to break free. The manipulations of the heads of the financial industries have reached globally.  The sub-prime mortgage fiasco in the USA was spread to the European zone where countries like Greece have suffered.

How these people legally were allowed to siphon this money from honest hard working people by creating a complex, obscure system without any check and balances is now being exposed. These institutions which used to be thought of as reputable stole this money from investors and misled them. Storm Black helps us to be alert and to rage consciously against such actions.  No longer will people stand idly by.

Thankfully the mass media is getting the message out through comedy films such as “Fun with Dick and Jane” starring Jim Carrey where the head of the company profits excessively when he sells the shares in his own company before he crashes the company and destroys the pension and investments for all his employees.  It is quite telling that “The Inside Job”, a brilliant film narrated by Matt Damon, documenting the precise mechanics of what brought about the global financial crisis of 2008, won an Academy Award for best documentary.

The time has come and people want change.  Very simply the laws must change.  Bike Black is an energy which brings power, momentum and zest for making changes.  Grey is helping us bring these changes into the ordinary world.

Iceland is leading the way for revolutionary changes.  In this article http://sacsis.org.za/site/article/728.1 It seems that in Iceland, “With the support of a furious citizenry, the government launched civil and penal investigations into those responsible for the financial crisis.”  Good News.

Journey to the Storm Black Master and ask for a healing, for yourself, for the economy and for the world. Ask that hurricane Irene affects the land and people for the good and not harm.


Learn more about working consciously with the Colour Rays:


The next online course starts the 11th September 2011.

Let’s all be riders of these storms…. together in supportive community.

With Love,


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