Live, Love, Laugh: Laughing with the Rainbow

Mystics and sages through the ages have embraced the teaching that true happiness is derived from the ability to embrace with equanimity whatever life brings.  It is easy to celebrate when life brings you the brilliant colours of the rainbow, but what happens when we trawl through the durgy coloured bits?

Yes, to remain neutral, to view the tragedies and the peaks of joy from the same balanced witnessing, is a lovely concept, but easier said than done.

Laughing Rainbow beckons us further than equanimity; it urges us to feel and remember the grandest view – that life is a vast playground made for entertainment purposes only.

And then it takes us down another step, even deeper.  I love this part the most: on the deepest level of soul, it shows us that we have set the stage and written the script.

Many a time on the path I have heard the words uttered:  “Well, if I was responsible for making this story I certainly wouldn’t have written this crappy script for myself.”

Ho ho ho!  Have you gotten the joke yet?

We are a joke unto ourselves.  We set the stage, we write the script, we act out the dramas, we evolve.  We are density working its way to pure light. The cosmic joke is upon us, for us, created by us. When life gives us lemons, the art is in feeling grateful we have everything we need to make lemonade.

There is a huge shift each one of us decides to make here: from being a hard done by victim of life, into an empowered co-creator who has the power to alter course to come back into harmony.  Each of us has that freedom and choice.  Only the individual can choose their position to be a victim or a co-creator.  For me it was the pivotal point of my life, what I now call growing up.

The energy of the week brings us not only the Laughing Rainbow but the gliding pure Swan White and the raucous and ready Bottle Brown.  The purity and grace and ease of the swan in its elegant beauty carries an energy benefiting all. Tune into Swan White when you need peace, calmness, tranquillity.

Bottle Brown, is let go – releasing yourself from the restrictions and structures of your normal frame of reference.  Recreational substances like alcohol are used to loosen the grip of the ‘mind’ and allow a crack into an alternate way of perception.

However, alcohol or substances are not the only way to go; the gates of paradise are within and we have the capacity to alter our states of consciousness at will without having to ingest any substances.  The resurgence in the interest in shamanism is a great example of this.  By altering our brain patterns with movement and percussion we can achieve the shamanic state of ecstasy.

Hearing a repetitive rhythm of between 4 and 7 beats per second entrains our brain to theta waves, and there you go – an altered state –freedom from the usual perspective.

Once altered the art is to harness a clear intention, set an agenda and follow the internal maps.  Then you can access the limitless potential from within.  I tell seekers on the shamanic path, it is exactly like google, but you do not need a computer. You have your own inner google where you can ask anything and access infinite wisdom, love, energy and spiritual resources from within.

The powers that be distract us as best they can, to draw away from our inner gifts.  I imagine a world where people spend evenings drumming together in the evenings seeking their inner visions and sharing them with each other rather than passively sitting and watching television.

Awake to the worlds unfolding; it is just a few steps within.  Our brains are hot wired for it.  Everyone is moved when they hear live drumming.  Ever wonder why that is?

May the blessings of the Laughing Rainbow always be with you to help you:

Live: get outside, feel the wind, sing to the stars, dance with the trees;

Love: connect with your dear ones, be vulnerable, keep your heart open;

Laugh: celebrate the mystery, drop seriousness, allow shift to happen.

Enjoy your week.  I stepped away from the computer and went for my daily walk to the sea, to gaze with gratitude at the endless, vastness, the rippling beauty that is Lyme Bay.  We have a mini heat wave here, with balmy winds caressing everyone, holding us in the last embrace of the summer.  The warmth has a close humidity, like a clammy summer lover, reminding us to savour the last remnants before the dark, chill nights close in upon us.  I sat on the beach with friends near a fire, with a glass of wine in honour of Bottle Brown, enjoying my altered perspective and the setting of the sun.  This life so simply is beautiful.

This month we are making the schedule for next year. Introduction to Journeying, working with the Ancestors, working with the Colours in the Athenaeum, intake for the next Shamanic Practitioner Apprenticeship circle, are all on the agenda.

The Ocean Band cards are here and they are a joy to work with.  The Athenaeum has been going beautifully and everyone is diving deep. My heart sings…

With great love,


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