Pastel Pink:Nostalgia, Pinstripe Grey:Intuition, Rape Yellow:Self Value

Feeling a bit nostalgic this week? Pastel Pink helps us to look to our past to acknowledge our gifts and strengths without getting caught in the traps of would have, could have, should have. You may be feeling the gifts coming down your ancestral line. If you aren’t then take a moment to consider and give thanks.

Pinstripe Grey asks us to be intuitive with our money energy flow and surf the currents which exist. It takes a certain level of alertness to the waves of money and there is a skill to catching and riding the wave. Waves of abundance happen. It’s gift to ride the waves as they present, rather than to expend great efforts to make waves.

So many people have lost faith in the present system of economics and money energy exchange. It is time to envision the new more harmonious ways of channelling the energy of money rather than bewail what is presenting. If you are feeling stuck with the money energy flow in your life, journey to Pinstripe Grey and ask for help to unblock the flow.

If you are feeling like connecting to planetary healing streams ask Pinstripe Grey to show you how the new economy will look when it is based upon cooperation and the greater good, instead of the greed of the minority. We need to dream the right dream. We need to use our imagination to envision what could be, only then it has the chance of arriving. And then we need to energise our intent by seeing it as if it has already happened.

When I journeyed to Pinstripe Grey and I asked what image I could use to assist in the global economic re-structuring and recovery, I was shown silvery grey streams of metallic looking water in constant bubbling motion running all around the planet like a network.

At first glance far above the globe, I thought it was water. As I got closer and closer I saw it was a stream of silver coins flowing in constant abundance and it was equally available all around the world. Anyone can tap into these abundance streams. The Earth appeared very green and nature was lush.

I felt as well as saw the abundance was flowing effortlessly and continuously around the world. This continually moving stream felt like the metaphor of veins and arteries in our bodies -constantly moving our blood around. The feeling was of great peace and relaxation, of great trust in the generosity of the planet and its ability to meet all of our needs appropriately. It was the feeling of a great mother holding her offspring; all of them. The quote “All is well and all will be well” felt resonant. This is the image and feeling I am to hold to and see.

Rapeseed Yellow is the third colour of the week, supporting us to be resilient and value ourselves, our visions and love. No matter what others do or say, our inner reality is strong and vibrant and flush; no one can take that away from us. No one can crush our dreams. We will do more than survive, we will thrive.

It has been an intense time with strange energies about since the global media splurge depicting the manner of Gaddafi’s death by the rebels. How instant communication is in our world now and what devastating imagery is shared within seconds.

Rape Yellow says we will not be crushed, but a harmonious use of Rape Yellow is not in retaliation, it is not to crush the other. The rapeseed field is full of blossoms on spindly stalks. Each plant alone may not make the impression but it when they stand together vulnerable and open under the sky, their radiant glory sings, their perfume pervades.

The gift of Rape Yellow is to never become barbaric, like the ones who oppress, as we shine our lights. Instead we keep our freshness, our openness, our hearts intact. We share from the deep radiance of our soul, the invisible substance.

Blessings abound. Celebrate being held in the bounty of the harvest. There is so much for which to be grateful.

If you do the Pinstripe Journey post your results below!

Much love,


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2 responses to “Pastel Pink:Nostalgia, Pinstripe Grey:Intuition, Rape Yellow:Self Value

  1. Nan Isabella Magee

    Ecco Brava Sorella Ci Mancerebbe Altro !

    Ci sono qualsi due personae loro sono interesata nella week a Nyack Pomona.

  2. Nan Isabella Magee

    what great offerrings dupicate of you would work…

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