Good Luck, Bad Luck; It is all the Same!

Friends, Greetings from Florida: Happy 2017!

“Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same.” There is a famous teaching story which begins with a village farmer whose favourite horse runs away. His gossipy neighbours tsk tsk and say to him “Oh, you have terrible luck.”

His response: “Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same.”

His son leaves to look for the horse and discovers it running with a wild herd.  He brings the horse and the herd home.

The neighbours cluck: “Oh, you have very good luck!”

The old farmer says: “Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same.”

His son starts working with the wild horses and is thrown and breaks his leg.

The neighbours say: “Oh, you have bad luck!”

The old farmer says: “Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same.”

The next week soldiers come by to conscript every able-bodied young man to fight the latest war. They skipped over his son with the broken leg and the villagers said, “You have great luck!”

His response was the same: “Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same.”

When we withhold judgements about events in our lives, not deeming them lucky or unlucky, then we are practicing the art of equanimity and have reached a high level of witnessing consciousness. Of course it is a challenging time watching the fallout of Brexit or the American elections and not getting into an emotionally reactive state. Humour and the art of meditation helps us to trust and accept with grace of what is, so we may thrive and live a resilient life from within; no matter what challenges or obstacles present themselves at our doorsteps.

So though many of you have been feeling quite unhappy about recent events, I wish to do a little reframing for you. We are witnessing one of the greatest opportunities for a shift of humanity’s consciousness on a global scale. This shift is affecting the entire planet due to global instantaneous communications. People are speaking out with protests, creating petitions and the news ricochets around the planet with White Lightning speed, or rather the click of a button on a computer.

The world is waking up.  Being in the States the last few months I have never witnessed the media so active, so critical and so deeply penetrating; scrutinizing every scrap of information that passes through each day. And this applies whether it is the news reporters or the late night comedians. They are questioning and challenging at every single turn. As soon as one cabinet member is put forward for examination, their history of mis-administrations is revealed. It is refreshing. Never before has it presented like this as far as I can remember. Each candidate is the diametrically opposite of what you wish in each particular office. It is quite hilarious and stark in contrast. For example, the suggested man for the head of the EPA – the Environmental Protection Agency – is someone who wished to disband the agency. Each candidate suggested is being clearly shown to be extremely unsound ethically or unqualified experientially for the job in question. The choices are being openly questioned, exposed and challenged each step of the way. Cory Booker, a Senator, testified against the suggestion of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Good luck, bad luck it is all the same!

I must confess to enjoying the depth of discontent, the lightning responses and disclosures of content.  And now we see the underbelly of the beast! Evidence is being presented, thoughtfully, and urgently.  The truth is being presented. The cracks are clearly there in the edifice. All is being spoken.  The LIGHT is penetrating, the people’s voices of dissent are being heard.

So, I am feeling optimistic when I witness people engaged, aspiring to fairness, justice and opportunity for all –not just the top 1% to use and abuse other people and the planet.

So with these events on the outside it reflects a shift on the inside of our collective gestalt. As above, so below, as within so without. As all of us do our inner work of clearing and transmuting the density of emotions and history within us, the outside world will reflect our changes. So it is a great incentive to keep on doing the work! Healing ourselves, finding peace and sanctuary within, we create it without.

20170108_172805In April we are having an Introduction to Shamanic Healing and Integration where people will come together in community as each person receives a healing.  We have ceremony to help integrate and celebrate the return of power and energy. We share methods making healing part of your lifestyle.   It is a great weekend to attend if you are thinking of joining the two year program; a time to meet and work with myself and Rahima and to feel what it is to be in community for healing.

One of my most favourite quotes is from Caroline Casey: “Imagination lays the tracks for the reality train.” Mystics and physicists like Albert Einstein have also known and expressed the value of imagination. It is a task of shamanic oriented people to dream the world into being.  Some of us stand at the threshold between the various worlds and levels of reality and we bring in the new streams, the inspiring streams the fresh and uplifting streams.  If we can’t dream it, we can’t be it.

The Medicine for the Earth work helps us dream the world into being by taking the time to explore our visions, thoughts and intentions.  We will be holding this weekend on an organic farm in Dorset where it will be possible to camp on site and be immersed in nature and live in harmony with the elements.   We will be working on ourselves and getting ourselves into the most harmonious alignment for positive manifestation for ourselves and the world.

These tools give us inner resilience and deep centring.

Cobb7-WEB2The Lyme Game weekend will give you another tool of witnessing, a joy to play with as you enlighten yourself day by day. There is an initiation weekend in May where you will get your own book and dice and learn this awesome divination game that is celebrating its 30th year anniversary! In all the spiritual work I have done, the Lyme Game is the one which has accelerated my growth most consistently, as no other tool or method I have worked with has in the last 40 years, helping me to access my gifts. It is with great joy and delight I am offering a weekend of initiation into this divinatory game. You will take this away with you and continue to play for as long as you wish.

We are starting another two year program of the Sacred Path Apprenticeship this year – the “SPA” which can also be taken as a Shamanic Practitioner Apprenticeship.  It is entirely up to each individual involved. The two-year circle gives an opportunity for an immersion in community and deepen one’s own personal shamanic practice as well as learn the methods to be of service to others and the larger community through ceremony. We go deeply and profoundly within and with each other.

The constellations for the first Ancestral Healing weekend are nearly completely booked though we have room for people to join as representatives. If you are looking to get your constellation done you will most likely need to sign up for the September gathering. Unless of course you wish to join in Colorado in August.

And then there is always the autumn for the 8 week online Colour Athenaeum course! …

Many exciting changes and events are happening around the world.  I celebrate the expansion and deepening of human kindness, generosity and the collective responsibility we share as citizens of the world; custodians of this beautiful planet, our great mother and home.

Join us in person or spirit, keeping your inner fires burning; your passion and zest for life and joy alive!

Wishing you great joy and momentum, love and laughter, even if it is amongst tears!

Love Chetna

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