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White Lightning Shocks, Fawn Dream Realizations,Khaki Focussed Discipline

This week coming is an opportunity to activate your awareness by welcoming the disturbances in your life as your teachers.  “Life as the teacher” a great truism bandied about.  But how often do we experience it as a truth?  When Lightning strikes and the blow is delivered, how easy is it to embrace and see it as an evolutionary opportunity?

This is when the Fawn Colour Ray comes to the rescue.  In the dream time, in our forays into multiple dimensions when we sleep, we can find the answers and healing to issues that arise in daily life. Before you set off to dream, state your intention as if you were making a shamanic journey: “I intend to meet my teachers in my dream state to explore the issue coming up today to learn and integrate the teaching and to remember the teaching before I awake.”

When you arise, have the Khaki discipline to jot down your dreams.  And then later review your notes and journey further if need be. Ask for that dream each night until you get it and remember it.

I had the great pleasure in a dream the other morning where I was in some dimension of old Tibet or monks in the Himalayas, droning and chanting with them.  I remember past lives there.  The peace and serenity of the sonorous chants wove a state of deep relaxation and grace into my very being.

Upon arising in this reality, I heard someone in my neighbourhood was working with a chainsaw. I love the ways the worlds overlap, when chainsaws become chanting and chanting melds into the drone of chainsaws. I was very tickled and considered my practise of transfiguring with divine light is obviously having a good impact.

I met with the Shamanic Practitioner Apprentices a few weeks ago and we covered the component of Extraction and Healing with Spiritual Light. Everyone was buzzing after the 5 days and the Light was overflowing abundantly. I reviewed Healing with Spiritual Light in the Tuesday Rainbow Circle here in Lyme and we again had a brilliant time and everyone was vibrating with ecstatic juice.  Yes the ecstatic present!

People loved the fact that by merging with their own Divinity they could offer healing without seeming to do anything, but rather just sink deeply into “Being”. Moving away from the Newtonian model and into the quantum field, we practiced raising our energy and delighting in our own divine juice.  When we merged with our truest potential, we generated the resonance with the limitless quantum field of love light and healing – where everything comes into harmony spontaneously.  It felt good and it was fun.

Adrian Beckingham, the man from story mountain, who has visited indigenous peoples around the world and learned stories from them, came to the circle. He shares some of those stories in his book called “Stories that crafted the Earth” which you can find out about here:

So all is moving along beautifully and in a few day’s time we are beginning the next Colour Athenaeum. This on line home study course is described in more detail here.   It is not too late to join us if you are interested but act fast if you are.

The mists have been coming off the sea the last few days.  Sap is rising and the sweet smell of spring has been intermingled with the salty air.  Crocus, snow drops, daffodils….It is a good time to be alive!

I see you in your divine radiance, like the flowers, shining,

With love,


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Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There

Sunset Orange and Barbarous Red Reflections: Dying Gently into this Good Night.

In Dylan Thomas’ famous poem written as his father lay dying he urged:

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.  […]”

As people on the path to awakening, each moment invites us to let go of the fear-based, rational self and surrender to the greater wisdom of our vast, yet intangible soul. This can be frightening.  However, it is getting less and less frightening as the stakes seem to be getting higher and higher.

With all the Earth changes, monetary interlocking insecurity and financial shenanigans, with the pace of daily life speeding up, we seem to be pressed to make a clear choice at each juncture:  Do we go with fear based conditionings pumped out by the politicians, business moguls and media?  Or do we choose to have trust in the invisible, the intangible which is accessed only from our inner depths? Do we descend into fear and chaos?  Or do we rise in radiant awareness finding silence in our peaceful stillness?

Sanity lies deep within but do we make the space in our lives to sink deep within?  There is much fear mongering to keep people feeling busy and hassled.  A deep Barbarous Red rage can arise to fight against becoming a ‘doing’ machine: doing, doing, doing, running just to keep food on the table to ‘survive’.  This is what the powers that be would have us believe.

There is a gorgeous quote from the mystic Osho, which turns this conditioning on its head.  He said, “Don’t just do something, sit there.” But how easy is it to let go to sink like the sun upon the horizon and allow yourself to drop into stillness?

Sunset Orange, as a teacher, urges us to let go, release and relax our anxieties and fears.  The suggested meditation for this week is to practice letting go of your anxieties and stress as the sun sets each day.  Lay your responsibilities and burdens down with the sun, knowing full well that you can shoulder them when the sun arises.

You can take short breather breaks during the day, visualizing the sun setting and with it your troubles.   This has the benefit of recharging your batteries so you do not become out of balance with Barbarous Red.  Barbarous Red is about vitality and expressing your life force creatively.  You need to be well rested to channel that energy productively.  It is no good being tired and ratty. How often do mistakes happen out of exhaustion? How much illness arises due to the immune system being worn down with stress?

Barbarous Red comes with the positive energy of the warrior.  He will help you to rage against the conditionings which would make you a machine, the “dying of the light”.

It is a potent week this week of letting go of stress and recharging your batteries to bring your vitality back. Enjoy!

We are very much enjoying traveling in our circle with the Colour Athenaeum. What a great group of souls….

With loving colour,


For more information about the Colour Rays or the Colour Athenaeum:,

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Riding The High Seas of Enlightening

“In times of darkness, you can be open in a way that you do not need to be when you are moving in celebration.  You are humbled; you are open because you crave help, you crave the existence of the gods; you crave the messages from other worlds.

If you are arrogant and haughty, you will never feel the beauty of the immortals.  The veils are soft and yielding between the worlds.  The immortals are just a shimmer, a glimmer away, but it is when life feels stark that you need them most.  In times of difficulty, the High Seas of life dare you to be open to the immortal gods.”

This week we have been challenged by the highs and low of the rocking waves of the High Seas. I hope you have been enjoying being on tossed around on the waves! We have had the Chocolate and Strawberry Colour Rays to help us relax, slow down, chill out sink into our senses. How can you feel tense as chocolate dissolves and melts?  How can you tighten when Strawberry juice bursts?

It is true that when we suffer, when we are cracked open by difficult circumstances in our lives, we have the choice: we can feel that vulnerability or we can harden ourselves, toughening up, becoming embittered and denying our vulnerability.  We can feel our helplessness or we can armour ourselves.

If we can allow the vulnerability, great things can happen! If you can allow yourself to crack up, break down, then there is a gap – a gap for the divine to enter.  Cobb Gold is the invisible divine presence which seeps into our souls through the cracks; a honeyed liquid consciousness, a healing balm.

The Cobb Gold presence will not fight with our defences and barriers; it patiently surrounds and holds, so when cracks appear, it can flow in and fill with its comfort, its scintillating awareness. But we have to open to receive it.

“Be with us, beloveds.  Be with us in your softness and your love.  I know mankind is racing around and times for relaxation are often rare.  But this is the way in: to relax in Strawberry Red juiciness, Chocolate laziness – coming closer to us, breathing in the perfume of the immortal ones.

A great risk is needed to be close to the immortal ones, the Enlightened Ones.  It is far easier than you would think; just the scales and the shields need to be removed.  The scales and shields are sometimes useful for the world, so it is a risk to let them fall away.  But to commune with us in a melty, honeyed softness, those shields and scales only get in the way.

And if you commune with us, it is easier to live the earthly life.  It is not a dense affair any more.  It becomes magical, fresh, sparkling!”

Enjoy what is left of this week. I was away in the opening component of the 2011 Shamanic Practitioner Apprenticeship and I must say we have a BEAUTIFUL group of souls who are diving in deep on the High Seas, riding the waves in great bliss and companionship. I am feeling very blessed to be working with such extraordinarily courageous souls who are committed to opening and merging with the Divine. Blessed are we!

May the Cobb Gold wisdom always embrace you, may the Chocolate Ray help you relax deeply into your senses and may the Strawberry juice fill you with great nourishment and delight.

Much love


P.S.  Thank you to Dheeren Gibbard for the quotes from this week’s Rainbow Revelation.  For more information or to subscribe to the Rainbow Revelation:  To join courses:

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Drunk on the Primitive Beat, the Natural Rhythms of the Soul

Shamanism is a path of ecstasy, the divine drunkenness of fusing with the primitive pulses.  When we fall in tune with existence we feel the bliss; we are beyond ‘knowledge’ because we are having a direct experience of connection in the web of life, allowing existence’s juices to fill us up.

The Colours guiding us this week are Clover Green, Strawberry Red, Rape Yellow and Purple.

Clover Green helps us to uncover our internal rhythms, each one of us dancing to the beat of our internal drummer.

Strawberry Red invites us to delight in the fruits of this earth, feeding our bodies and souls, savouring tastes and really enjoying being embodied.

Rape Yellow shines brightly and reminds us from the depths, our soul can never be crushed or downtrodden.  We are eternal beings of light, forever resilient.

Purple reminds us to be in harmonious and benevolent use of power.

“We can feel, as the grass begins to grow again, the natural rhythm of Clover Green, inviting us to follow our natural selves.  The urge comes upon us to be wild and unclaimed.  Unencumbered by the massive pressures of society, we can wander through dark green forests and tribal lands.  When society tries to drag us against ourselves, we can resist, hauling up the Rape Yellow intensity of our inner souls.  Demanding we interact and conform, we can say a determined ‘no’; we can stand our ground.”

The sector this week is again on the African continent, including: Namibia, South Africa, Angola, and the South Atlantic Ocean. So this week we remember to: “…call on the spirits of ancestors past who travelled in tribes or moved across the African plains.  We call on the spirits who are alive with drunkenness, cherishing the new-born in life and worshipping the wise and old. We celebrate this journey of drunken fusion with the primitive life.”

As we celebrate the senses and our primitive pulses, we generate a positive force of energy; we declare a Rape Yellow, vibrant “Yes” to life.  And these magnificent energies radiate light and momentum to support people in Libya, and New Zealand, who are experiencing great upheaval. The times are changing indeed. As we stand authentically in our own energy, full and rich we create a cushioning wave of support so the awakenings and transitions can be calm and smooth.

Blessed be.

Until next week…

© 2011 Chetna Helen Lawless, ,,

Chetna Lawless, Founder of Vision Voyages and Co-founder of the Laughing Rainbow Mystery School in 1987, delights in sharing the love and wisdom of the Colour Ray Masters, through shamanic and other spiritual healing methods.  Visit A special thanks to D.Gibbard who permits use of quotations from the Rainbow Revelations:

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We are the Rainbow Bridge between the Worlds

“Your whole quest, your whole mission – if you wish it – is to link the realms; your quest is to be the rainbow bridge!

The more in the world you are, the more of a foothold you have in it, you can give a tremendous contribution to the rainbow bridge.  Individuals are needed at all levels.  It is a bridge which is also a ladder.  The more subtle and attuned your vibrations are – frequently the less worldly – the closer your place on the ladder to the higher realms.

We need those firmly in the world, and we need those of a very soft, very fine vibration to be close to the rainbow realms.  We need individuals of all levels in order to create the rainbow ladder between the realms!

Your quest is to follow your own individual Turquoise Wind ~ and by following that you will naturally, spontaneously take your place on the rainbow ladder.  You will naturally be where you need to be, at the rung of the ladder you need to be.

This is an experiment that is quite unique, momentous.  Each individual finds their own particular rung in order to transmit energies from sky to Earth, from the great vast realms of the beyond to the troubled planet, Earth.”

The Colours this week are: Harp Yellow, Dream Green and Turquoise Wind. Harp Yellow helps us to find our destiny as we have written it for ourselves pre-birth in other realms; Dream Green helps us to see that life is the leela, the play: our three dimensional life is the center stage but there are others realities which we inhabit.  Turquoise Wind whispers the clues, so we stay on course with our sacred pathways.

What I love about the colours is there is no hierarchy: red is not more important that blue, where you are on the ladder is irrelevant.  All the colours are needed to build the rainbow bridge.  This is the perfect time to consider how you share your light and love most effortlessly.  Are you following the Turquoise Wind? Do you need a journey to Harp Yellow to see your soul blueprints? Is it time to take a deep breath and step back from the dramas happening in your life and allow Dream Green to replenish and nourish you — reminding you to not take things too seriously?

We each have our place in the orchestra of light and it creates the greatest strengths and harmonies when we play together, uniting in a common vision despite our differences.

This week we are celebrating an African Sector which includes various countries: Algeria, Mali, Mauritania, Niger,  Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia, and Senegal.

Get out the drums and have a dance to celebrate the spirit of Africa, the magic of Africa!


Much love,


PS Thank you to D. Gibbard for quote from this week’s Rainbow Revelation. For more info on the Rainbow Revelations:   for info on courses with the Colour Rays:

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Wisdom in the Forest Green Depths

“Amidst the pine needles lie roots of wisdom.  To be immersed in the forest darkness is to be immersed in the eternity of the worlds.  Sinking deep inside, you can hear the forest speaking with its eternal voice …”

Last week with the “Life force energy for transformation” , what we experienced internally as individuals, was also manifest externally — in world events where we watched Egypt go though a major transition.  The whole world was watching as the voice of the people was heard. Mubarak has stepped down. The Caramel and Atom Grey Rays penetrated and the new energies swept in through the peaceful protest. Now it is time to bring this peak of energy to a point of stillness, to ground it in the roots in the earth.

In the deep, dense darkness of the forest, an owl hoots, a pigeon cries. The primordial silence is etched with crackling sounds as the wind rattles the naked trees. The forest is full of mystery, a bewitched symphony of the unknown. Animals scud across the undergrowth.

The Forest Green energy is here to help us anchor the changes.  Society does not encourage this inward turning momentum. We are so disconnected it has come to the point where people are even scared of turning within, going to the still point of their being; equating aloneness with loneliness.  Yet great gifts lie within.

“No man or woman can truly penetrate the forest depths.  The creaking forest is both a home and a mystery that can never be fully tapped.  As you move inside your own being – your inner forest – the deepening mystery holds you with a quivering thrill, a sense of promise and expectation.”

Most of us are conditioned to be doing, constantly busy, constantly engaged, hyper stimulated, focussed on achievement and accomplishing things. The mind likes to be engaged.  When we meditate and put the mind in neutral gear with no focus and drive, it can get a bit freaked out.

“The mind wants solutions, but in the forest there are none – only a deepening sense of wisdom, a vague misty trust, a sense of wonder.”

What happens when you are alone in the inner forest of your being? Can you feel the beauty and quietness? Perhaps ephemeral unnameable fears surface initially.  Being in nature helps, but in the beginning it can be terrifying. It takes great determination to be undeterred in this mission of going within, and yet what is the reward?  What do we find within?  What do we accomplish through meditation?  We dissolve into the mystery; we  leave the goal-oriented, doing world behind and we enter a primordial state of being.  We simply are.

This is a week to enjoy your solitude, the beauty of your own being. As we dive within enjoying the mystery of self, we emanate the energy of peace and calm contemplation. We heal ourselves and we transmit this supportive energy to our brothers and sisters in Egypt.  Let us support the Egyptian people as they sink into their deep wisdom to make harmonious, intelligent decisions through these great changes.

Thank you for the quotes from the Rainbow Revelation, which are © Dheeren Gibbard 2011. To subscribe to the weekly Rainbow Revelation see:  To meet the Colour Rays :

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Shielding against Negative Energies

Shamanically speaking, we fill ourselves with power to prevent negative energies from intruding upon our lives. Negative energies abound, it is just part of modern culture. All you have to do is switch on the TV and you are bombarded with all sorts of nightmare news stories, economic shock horrors, only to be broken by the advertisement breaks hypnotizing you to buy things to numb out with a false sense of security.

Sandra Ingerman in her books, How to Heal Toxic Thoughts and Medicine for the Earth, gives methods to transform and transmute the psychic pollution and debris, by transfiguring into our light bodies. This is one of the most direct and immediate ways we can fill our selves with positive life force energy, or what shamans call, ‘power’. Sandra inspires me with her relentless message to do your personal work each day, one step at a time.

The outer world is a chaos for sure, and it is challenging to maintain an inner equilibrium.  So, what are fun methods to come to that inner feeling of peace and stability, of filling ourselves with power? One method I have found extremely potent is playing with the Colour Rays.  Scientifically colour is the breakdown of the frequency of LIGHT, so immersing ourselves in Colour we are playing with Light. And according to the Laws of Attraction, you get more of what you focus on; so when we focus on the light in the form of the beauty of the Colours, we bring more beauty in our lives.

In the TV series the ‘X Files‘ , a phrase was made popular: “The truth is out there”.   But the reality is the Truth is ‘in here’, in the here and now. The truth lies deep down inside each one of us; we all are connected to our eternal source. But how can we get there? What can help us to meet with that source, for being at one with our Inner Light?

Each week the Rainbow Revelations, (RR), as shared by the Laughing Rainbow Mystery School, show a step of the moment we can take to return to our deepest sources, clearly indicating the energies in the form of colour, available this moment for our self- awakening.

This week’s Rainbow Revelation (RR) features the planetary healing sector 48 which includes parts of the Pacific Ocean, Marshal Islands and the Midway Islands. The Station is Abundance and the Masters of the Colour Rays, Deep Ocean Blue, Bluebell Blue and Bottle Brown are showering upon us this week. Excerpts from this week’s message suggest a way to counteract the blitz of negative energies:

“Stepping-out from the mind, with all these haunting thoughts constantly hunting you down, requires a tremendous wakefulness from the silent centre of Deep Ocean Blue. […]  A tremendous watchfulness is required to ensure that the shotgun fragments do not implode within.  That is the essence of Deep Ocean Blue: to sink sometimes so deep within that you see that it is all illusion.  The mess of the world is not your mess.  You have a deep, calm, still centre and that centre watches the whole Earth-play.”

When we sink into our inner depths, like the depth of the deep ocean, we find peace, stillness and strength.

When we are drunk with the Bottle Brown spirit of celebration, like a mad Sufi drunk on the wine of life itself, we become so power- filled there is no room for negative projection to enter into our being. Sheer joy “becomes the shield against the fragments.”

In shamanic terms, the ‘intrusions’ have no place to enter, because you are filled and overflowing with your own spirit, with gratitude for the abundance of life’s offerings.

Yet, last week the RR was encouraging us to be open.

Bluebell Blue

“To be “open” sometimes – ironically – means letting these fragments in.  One is so subtle, so sensitive, these fractured fragments of thoughts from the society enter you;   your “openness” allows the society’s mostly negative energies in.  The shotgun pellets from the society surround you.

But to be truly “open” requires a sinking into inner depths of Light, being caressed by the realms of Bluebell Blue.  A superficial “openness” which lets society’s energies in, will only create wounds and cracks.  Your psyche will be carrying the world and its confusion.
But you can be open by witnessing the shrapnel, while being submerged in Deep Ocean Blue, or suffused by the beauty of Bluebell Blue.  You are so deeply immersed in the colours that – though the shards exist around you – you can move through the blitz and not be harmed.”

There is no where to go but deep within yourself.  That is the greatest quest you will ever find yourself on. Seeking your own source.

For more information:The Colour Athenaeum courses with the Colour Rays: or subscribing to the Rainbow Revelations:  © Chetna Lawless 2011


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What does it mean to be Open?

This week we are celebrating the Station of The Ghost and the Colour Rays of Sunset Orange and Maroon.  The sector this week includes the western USA (Rocky Mounatins, New Mexico, San Francisco,  Arizona, Utah, and parts of Western Canada.  This week it is time to examine what it means to be open.

From the Rainbow Revelation:

“What does it mean to be open?

You don’t defend against feedback.  You simply listen and let it in; in this way ghosts of the past can dissolve.

If you listen carefully, without judgement of the other, without thinking that the other must have some projection, then that means you can be open.

The other may have some projection, but that is not the point!  The point is that in listening, the words of the other – the feedback – can reach your soul.

If it is true, it enters your soul.  If it is not true, it will just slip away, like the squirrel shimmying across the shingle.

But most seekers and hunters after truth have a mechanism, a muscle which defends.  Especially if you are a ‘serious’ seeker, you want to defend.  The muscle of defence needs close examination.”



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Planetary Healers unite in Orange Chorus

Happy New Year!

The Station of the week is TIME SPACE PORTAL


Excerpts from the Rainbow Revelation for this week:

“To transform the Earth through dedicated, practical work takes great courage; transforming oneself takes even more. But now the two are melting and mingling.  You do not fight against the ancient cord which binds you to this planet Earth, but you let that ‘chord’ sing, you let it breathe as you go further on your journey into the oneness.”

“This moment is the moment of the Orange Chorus, when all souls who have been trained and guided to this moment, join together and sing their soul’s song in honeyed harmony.  Whatever your song, this is the year you can sing it; this is the year when you puncture the illusion and then you can simply be: your own self, a wonderful sparkling star of being, enjoying the mysteries and the wonder of the oneness.  All that is needed is your ‘yes’ to join in the solar chorus.  Then layers and scales can be removed from centuries past and you can dance.”

“This is a year where the spirit of Captain’s White is the most essential spirit upon this Earth.  For years, decades, centuries and millennia groups of people have been trained and it is this New Year which shows up the Captain’s White spirit: the shimmering evolution of your soul as you move through the blizzards into the oneness, which is like silent snow.”

“This year White Lightning will hit, puncturing the illusion, making it clear what that illusion is.  It will hit both on the planet and in personal lives, because it is needed.  Without White Lightning, nothing moves.  All stays stagnant, as humans seek their cosy boxes.  With White Lightning, you can be blasted into infinity!  It is majestic and magnificent; it is the energy which will drive you through the Time-Space Portal.”

What  a great opening to 2011!

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