Following Your Yellow Brick Road?

Many wonder, “What is my path? What am I supposed to be doing?” They have a sense of some greater destiny, yet they feel fuzzy about the means to express this inner urge.

Yellow Brick Road, Timber Brown and Pure White have been with us this week to help us merge with that deep urge and inner knowing, to fall more deeply in tune with ourselves.

The Masters of the Rays speak to us individually and have unique messages for each of us. Personally for me this week, Yellow Brick Road indicated the pathway was within.  I was shown that my inner road is paved with gold, the treasure is deep within. Yet, it being the peak of summer, all is abuzz and every distraction is there to entice and pull my attention outwardly in extroverted activities.

My Yellow Brick Road called me within at this time. And when I followed it, I had such rewarding experiences. My journeys were profound and deeply nourishing.  I spent a lot of time in aloneness, resting and contemplating.  I avoided the build up of stress and being pulled into social dynamics which would have been fun at another juncture, but were not supportive to my present focus.  I also avoided catching the latest virus going around. We make choices all the time.  We are free beings.

The Master of Timber Brown was there this week to help me make wise decisions.  Timber Brown helped me see the dead wood in my life and chop it out. Helped me to stay focussed and on my path, steering clear of temptations that were truly distractions.  For me the message was to find stillness so I could drink deeply of the eternal. To enter the eternal I need an absence of external stimuli.

And then the Mistress of Pure White came to help me. Pure White is that peace and clarity, that emptiness necessary to receive the fullness of grace or spirit; the joy that comes from the simplicity of devotion to one’s inner pathway. Yes, it may feel a little dry and monastic temporarily; but to taste the eternal, it is a small entrance fee!

Unlike me, this week Yellow Brick Road may have called you to explore an extroverted path of sharing with others in joy.  Timber Brown may have invited you to chop away fearful thoughts and conditionings that have been limiting you. Pure White may have invited you to drink the peace of a calm satisfied soul, transcending needs or greeds.

When you journey and meet the Masters they share their healing energy and wisdom with you and it is unique to your experience.  This is the greatest gift of the mystical and shamanic pathways; you cut out the middle men and you go directly to source and get your answers, reflections and healings.

This is the first blog I have written in a few weeks as it has been a very creative and fruitful time and I have been staying focussed. We are publishing the second set of cards of the Colour Ray Masters, the Ocean Band and the next Colour Athenaeum is beginning in a few weeks time on September 11th.

The only requirement for this course is the ability to journey or an equivalent. What is an equivalent? Those of you who have learned how to intuitively connect with your spiritual guides and get information, energy, love, guidance, music, and pictures or clear messages are welcome.  If you are not trained in the shamanic journeying method, please explain your background when you apply for the course.

This course which is also a foundation for the Colour Ray Practitioner Training includes:

  • Your personal Colour Chart,
  • The Ocean Band card pack,
  • 8 tutorials,
  • Membership to a private online community site,
  • 8 weekly Rainbow Revelations,
  • 8 conference calls,
  • Your Major Colour Ray
  • And a half hour private consultation.

Click here for more information:

If you are interested in purchasing a pack of the Ocean Band Colour Ray Cards contact:

A huge thank you to Shraddha Bhagalia for the creation of the beautiful images of the Ocean Band cards and much love and thanks to Anudeva, Grahi for their contributions and loving support.

Thank you to Dheeren Gibbard for Channelling the Colour Ray Masters, Thank you to Sandra Ingerman for her work with Medicine for the Earth.

I want to extend an extra special thanks to the people who supported the Land Healing Pilgrimage Pete and I made in Greece during July. The love and support, accommodations, friendships, and participation in ceremony made this an extremely successful adventure. Thank you to:

Grahi, Kalpita, Passana, Mani, Dylan, Kamelia, Ranjana, Sotiris, Moschoula and Yiorgos.

Thank you for making our trip magical.

With much love


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Closer to the Ocean, to this Inner Land of Light.

The Colours this week are Cackling Red and Barbarous Red. The Station is Help.

We are held in this vast web of creation, we are not separate from it yet we make ourselves so.  This week the forces of love, of delight, of God, of existence, of the enlightened realms, of whatever you want to call it, are inviting us to taste the beyond.  We are being flooded!

So how is it for you? Are the old ghosts rising from the dead of the past attempting to pull you into some tired mind rut?  Breathe in the harmony of the ocean of light.  Tell the old ghosts for now you will pass on this invitation to dance and allow yourself to be swept up then immersed in the shimmering infinite.

Cackling Red points the way, having a sense of humour and not taking yourself or the situations you find yourself in over seriously. Find the cosmic joke.  The universe is laughing and urging us to be free.

As we bask in the height of the summer season in the northern hemisphere, we are serenaded by the sounds of cicadas, the buzzing of bees; we are warmed by the radiant rays of the sun, we are surrounded by lush growth and burgeoning fruits. This joke is, this is the Garden of Eden and we never left.  Our minds and egos created hell of earth and now we can re-construct our selves.  It is a choice, made deep within each individual.  It is only one step away. The key to the gates of paradise are in our hands. The choice is to stop looking outside and look within. You have vast resources. Now is the time to use them.

We may have the Barbarous Red savagery as part of our makeup, the survival of the fittest programming, kill or be killed. But really once the needs of food and shelter are met, we have only the need to express our creativity. The joke is we can step away from the programming, we can rise above we can choose to evolve. Have a good laugh about it with yourself.

Have you got the biggest joke? No worries if you do not.  Help is always available when we make ourselves vulnerable to this magical existence.

Have a beautiful week recognizing your place in this web of light, holding and being held.

“To experience this Light is the game.  The light is the light of gods, of immortals, of enlightened ones, but it is also the light of me: unfolding from the wilderness of souls.  It is the game of the biggest joke, the Cackling Red cosmic joke which laughs and laughs forever – because no time exists and no plane exists on which we can make such a Barbarous Red mess.  Only Light and light sprinkled upon the water like a sheen.

Once you have breathed in this Light and this Light has breathed in you, nothing else remains but the wonder of the oneness.  But, yet, it all remains – all the play, the friendships, the tickles of lovers, the fragrance of the immortal ones in the paradise trees. 

What to do on Earth but to celebrate it, to enjoy it, knowing this tantalizing realm exists, the realm of the vision of the enlightened ones.  Then everything becomes a play, a fragrant dance.” 

Thank you to Dheeren for the inspiration and quote from the Rainbow Revelation this week.  To subscribe directly go to

Thank you to Kalpita and Grahi in Athens for creating a soft landing in Athens.  Thank you to Passana for sharing her home, her love and her delight, as I make my pilgrimage through Greece.  This week with her has been a delight, in the sanctuary she has created in

Eressos. Yesterday I interviewed her for the Vision Voyages, “People on the Path” series where she revealed how she found her way to the mystic Osho and ended up creating the first Greek translations of his books. We ate from a pot used in Osho’s kitchen. This interview will be available after I return to the UK. I will send you link when I edit and post it.

Much love to you all,





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Rainbow Hearts in Syntagma Square

“The heart that is open pours everywhere.  It has so much love in it, so much joy that it wants to shower everywhere – across the whole of the infinite and the eternal.

When a heart is overflowing, whatever it falls upon becomes soaked with its love.  The heart moves with Fishfin-Blue quivering alacrity and wherever it moves it feels love.

It has to keep on moving where love is needed, where the Existence wants it to move.  That is the signal of an open heart.”  Excerpt from this week’s Rainbow Revelation:

Last week featured the stillness of Fountain Blue and the clarity of Diamond White. I found it very helpful when I was teaching Soul Retrieval to my group of shamanic practitioner apprentices in Dorset. I needed the quiet cool stillness of Fountain Blue to be empty enough to hear the voice of spirit guiding our circle moment to moment.  I was supported brilliantly by the Diamond White clarity and brilliance.

This week the Colours playing across the planet are Fish-fin Blue and Cackling Red. Fish-fin Blue supports us to move with existence’s will, not our own. Each moment we can surf with the currents flowing and arriving where we need to be. Fish dart in the ocean’s depths towards food and away from predators. We all can benefit from this instinctive intelligence. We can find the places where our love needs to flow.

I find myself in Athens amongst beloved friends. I arrived on Wednesday evening when the eruptions were happening in Syntagma square. One of my friends, Stelios who has been there since the beginning of the peaceful demonstrations explained to me with great enthusiasm the gathering of like-minded folk being active in the square.  He has been volunteering there for over a month and says in the beginning they were a small group and now they are a huge circle of people engaging in a process working for change.  His love flows to this tidal wave of energy which cries out for new fresh approaches.  He looks radiant though he speaks frankly about challenges and obstacles happening in the process.

They are bringing in new energies in a peaceful creative way yet the police are dropping tear gas bombs on them completely unprovoked. I ask why and he explains they want the people to go away from the square.  They have many interest groups and activities.  Anyone can come into the square and get a tour of what is happening.  He works at the reception desk there.

I drummed with Stelios in the foothills of Mount Imittos which embraces the eastern edge of the city. The pungent scent of sage, thyme and other herbs enveloped us as we walked up the mountain path.  I asked Stelios what results he is personally wishing for from the actions in Syntagma. We talked about how clear it is what is not wanted but how much harder it is to define a solution without falling into the same old traps.

We journeyed to the Descendents which is a method we use frequently in Medicine for the Earth.  We journeyed to the descendents who have created a balanced way of living on Earth in harmony with the elements and each other.  We asked them to show us the kind of society they have created and what advice they have for us to bring back to lay the best foundations for the future.

I recommend this journey for everyone, also the journey to be attuned the Earth’s new frequencies.

The Syntagma organizers created an evening of music and invited several bands. A dear friend Ranjana is in a band called Ghi & Thalassa, which translates as Earth and Sea.  

They play with ancient classic Greek instruments and were invited to perform.  She told me in the middle of the music performances which everyone was enjoying very much, the police disrupted the people by throwing into the square three consecutive loud explosive fireworks which cause temporary deafness and blinding flashing light with smoke. I asked did the police do this because someone was making trouble?  She said no trouble, the music was excellent and people were dancing joyfully.

She observed this was a great disturbance just to shock people and frighten them to make them leave.  She saw several people pull on gas masks and continue to dance to the music even when the police put tear gas into the square.  When her group was on stage the tear gas continued.  She told me luckily she is not so affected by the gas but the percussionist of her group was severely affected and left swiftly after the song was completed.  She stayed to hear the group called Tiger Lillies play and said they were excellent ( . Despite the discouragement, people continued to dance with joy.

When I met Ranjana today for lunch she talked about yes it can be overwhelming and depressing and people can get excited and angry but it is important to remember to stay happy despite all the craziness happening. So we have some help from the Cackling Red master this week, to remember life is a play, and we can laugh and enjoy ourselves.  Ranjana knows some people have to keep the joy energy flowing. She likes to stay informed of events but not to get pulled down by them.  She reminded me if we stay angry what good can we create from anger?  We need to stay connected to that love flow and not lose the greater vision of what it is all about.

Fish-fin Blue and Cackling Red are here to help us this week.  Take advantage of them!

With Love Chetna (Thank you for quote from the Rainbow Revelation ©Dheeren Gibbard)

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Indigo Spice and the Inner Hurt

As Indigo Spice electric aliveness crackles through your being, bring your awareness to the moments your electric energy zaps another and awakens the pain that has been lying dormant within.  As more and more divine energy comes to us and the pace of life increases with incredible momentum, these moments where sparks fly often out of stress are inevitable.

How you handle these moments is your choice.  If you are the one transmitting the sparks, you can stay in a power control position, justifying your self or you can be vulnerable, soft and open to the other person’s experience of pain. This is the moment to ask yourself if you are being a bully or if you are simply being authentic.

If your pain buttons have been pushed then it is time to go into your cave of self and witness.  When we have primal pain it is easy for that pain to be triggered by events on the outside.  It is easy to lash out when the wounds are opened; it is easy to hurt others carelessly repeating the patterns of abuse that have been used upon us. Often the one lashing out is also the one who has been hurt. There are no winners in the pain game.

This is the perfect time to get off the wheel of this cycle by bringing witnessing awareness to the emotions that get triggered by this intense aliveness of the Indigo Spice. By healing ourselves we change the collective and bring greater harmony.  We are all linked in the Black Gold Matrix and affecting each other. We are all cultivating our inner light to shine brighter and brighter creating the transformation in these challenging times.

So if you get triggered, hold steady, DON’T pass it on.  Transmute it in your cauldron of awareness. Go for the gold.  Be an alchemist; transform your poisons into pure gold awareness.

Thank you to D. Gibbard for the weekly inspiration of the Rainbow Revelation upon which my blog is based. To subscribe to the weekly Rainbow Revelation please go to:

To learn more about the Colours check out my site:  There is another 8 week course coming up in September but due to the last course we are now revising its format so the changes are not yet up on the site.  It will be an internet based course with conference calls. Go to my website and signup to my newsletter if you want to hear about the changes.

Thank you to Shraddha Bhagalia and Anudeva Mellor of New Sector Publications for the images and permission to use them.

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Discipline that Liberates and Benevolent use of Power

Last week we were working with the Khaki Ray, anchoring work projects and grounding our dreams and vision.  It may seem tedious, but discipline creates the firm foundation for us to fly. The spiritual mystic Osho said you need roots to have wings. Trees provide a beautiful metaphor for us: the height of the branches reaching up to the skies is directly linked to the depths of the roots going into he ground.

If you want to fly high you must go deep.   There are no spiritual by passes.  So if you are bewailing your circumstances, know it is an essential part of your grounding to create the foundation for you to fly. The way to go beyond is through; through all the challenges we are growing. The seed must resist against its casing and push itself up through the ground. We are seeds bursting into our potential. So if you are feeling challenged by Khaki, take heart, you are on the path and growing.

This week, Queen of the Pack and Black Gold Matrix are helping us to discern how we relate to others in terms of power dynamics. Power is such a huge issue for each one of us and is a lynch pin in the balance of energy on the planet now. If we all come into harmonious use of power we can bring many, many things back into balance now. If enough of us change we will shift the paradigm and the leaders will follow.  In fact it is happening already around the world particularly when we look at the Middle East and how many populations are rejecting the rulers of their countries. People clearly want freedom to get out from under the yoke, to be self determined.

The Queen of the Pack asks, “Are you operating from the power or love or the love of power?” Now we may want to say all the responsibilities lie with the politicians, but it is not true. We are politicians every day of our lives in all our relationships.  It is quite revealing how we relate to our nearest and dearest. It is so easy to fall into habits and routines and take for granted those around us. Observe this week how loving or short tempered you are with your loved ones, whether it is family or community. Witness your own interactions.

Black Gold Matrix emphasizes the importance of community and the oneness where we are all connected.  We are in a fabric, interwoven with other people and with divine forces. When we get it, then bliss is freely available. We are all in this together. The divine forces come closer and closer as we realize this and they are available to help us. There are also many statistics now available proving that people who engage with community have a longer life expectancy. We humans thrive in community.

This is a great time to attune and feel that connection; to let the love flow, and go beyond egoic concerns and illusions of separation. The Black Gold Matrix energy of the oneness is palpable this week, so enjoy it. The journey is so much more fun when we share it with an open heart.

Speaking of open hearts, we have been having a brilliant time in the Colour Athenaeum. There is such a strong sense of community and supportive interaction as each person goes deep with their explorations. Many of the participants have said they are surprised how deep the work is going for them and they feel they are only skimming the surface and there is so much more to explore. I remind people that meeting these Colour Masters they are forming relationships with enlightened beings which will last their whole lifetime and beyond. So yes, we are getting introductions in the Athenaeum and then you will continue with the teachers with whom you have the greatest affinity.

Many of the people have felt gratitude to the Colours who have helped them reconnect with their deepest selves and feel they are coming home, reconnecting with their essential selves. And one person commented it seems paradoxical that “as I go deeper and see this alchemical change within, which may seem selfish to the outside, I am actually helping the planet as I raise my own vibration. It affects the whole as I learn to channel divine energies and allow them to come through.”

The Colour Ray Masters are helping people to become more authentic and connected to their deepest inner knowing and expression of their authentic divine selves. What a celebration!  If you feel called to join us in this Black Gold Matrix we have another Athenaeum starting in September.

I send you, my dear friends,

much love,


Thank you to Anudeva for the lovely picture of Khaki. To get your own pack of Mauve Band Colour Ray cards:

For more information about the Colour Athenaeum and working shamanically with the Colour Ray Masters:

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Nature is in Ecstasy so why not Join the Dance?

As we move towards the longest day of the year, nature burst forth in glorious abundance.  There is great aliveness and activity surrounding us. Existence is always in celebration. If you take time this week to enjoy your own creative fruits while in aloneness, great insights and depths are available. Only in aloneness, can we deeply listen to the heavenly Orange Chorus.  In this way we connect with the greater oneness and the Divine, directly experiencing the vastness of the web of life.

Many of us cannot afford the luxury of a vision quest, but we can take hours, or days, sometimes even minutes of silence and aloneness to vision. We do not need to go anywhere; we just need to go deeply within.  Aloneness does not mean loneliness; aloneness is necessary to create the stillness to you can receive from the invisible realms.  Orange Chorus arrives in this week of inner quietude to support us surrendering to the joy, the simple joy of being alive.

Each morning there is a glorious chorus from the birds before the sun rises.  They also do this as the sun sets.  When you are quiet and on your own, you can listen very deeply and receive the joy from their Orange Chorus.  The magic is happening all around us, the party is on, we just need to clear the sleep from our eyes to see what is actually there.

In the moments we make a point of dropping into the silence and allow the morning chorus to penetrate our awareness, we cease replaying the tales of the past and stop projecting our anxieties about the future.  When we are in this moment it is so easy to celebrate.

When you make the space, the eternal can enter you; the chorus of the enlightened spheres can touch you. The divine can enter and heal your life.

In meditation, or in a journey, go to Orange Chorus and ask to imbibe some divine orange juice. When you feel full of the juice of the divine, allow yourself to begin to dance so you may fully embody the gift from the beyond, to join in the Orange Chorus celebration. This is also known as the shamanic state of ecstasy. The whole of nature is in ecstasy, so why not join the dance?

For more information about working with the Colours:

For Rainbow Revelations and Colour Ray books and cards:

Inspirational Glorious Chorus Performance

Glorious Chorus, a UK based choir, will be singing One World on June 11th in Totnes. “A ‘conceptual’ show, including spoken word and visual effects, One World is a themed programme inspired by the idea of imminent human evolutionary change anticipated by several ancient and indigenous peoples around the world.” One World will be premiered in Totnes on Saturday June 11 2011.  Click here for more information:

Thank you to Glorious Chorus for use of their image.

If you want to share my blog, please do. I would be grateful if you would include the whole text.

Much Orange Chorus joy juice to you this week and always.



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The Black-Gold Matrix is the Antidote

“This we know: All things are connected.  Like the blood which connects one family, all things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth, befalls the sons of Earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. This we know.”

– quote from Robbie Robertson, One World, One Voice.

Black Gold Matrix is the colour of community, the colour of participating in your tribe. Many of us have several tribes, and it has been proven that people who have community thrive and live longer.

As technology increases with social media becoming more and more popular, we weave ourselves into communities unthinkable even a decade ago.

Of course this very same technology can sometimes increase communications to the point where we are super-saturated and can no longer absorb.  The trick is to still give yourself space for ‘no-mind’ so you can meditate and simply enjoy being present with no goals or hyper stimulus.  Then you can jump into the fray of communications having tasted the beyond, adding the flavour of the divine with your contributions.

Communications are much more impacting and meaningful when we have that time for silence to touch our deepest essence.  When we touch that deepest essence we become one with the all. We become the Black Gold Matrix of souls, riding the internal waves where we all meet in the ocean of awareness and oneness.

I just finished a week’s retreat of silence. I came out to lead a conference call and do some sessions.  When my retreat was finished, I found it hard to speak again.  I feel so silent inside, speaking seems pointless. The energy of the Black Gold Matrix is so poignant, I just want to rest in this place, feeling the wonder of it all.

“The Black-Gold Matrix is the antidote.  You are no longer alone; you are connected.  All awakening souls are golden stars against the backdrop of the void of silence.  Once you move inside, you find a deep aloneness exists – but that aloneness is connected to the oneness.  Only through interrelation with others can you feel the vibrancy and brilliance of the inner star.

In the vast depths of the Black-Gold Matrix, you can come to a realization that all humankind is one.  Individual enlightenment can happen, but it is hard, arduous, a tortuous path. 

Linking in depth with the Black-Gold Matrix,

the shining harmony of the inner stars,

you move at a rapid pace –

layers of fake self peeling away swiftly,

so you can touch and become your inner core.

Separation in these times is encouraged by the global conspiracy.  But to be separate is to live in a box.  You may attain to some private fulfilment, but a far vaster, far deeper landscape exists: the Black-Gold Matrix linking of awakening souls.” Quote from Dheeren Gibbard, Rainbow Revelation.

Enjoy your place in the Black Gold Matrix of awakening.  If you aren’t sure of your place, just open and ask the Master of the Black Gold Matrix to show you.  Do a shamanic journey or let it be your intention before you dream to be shown how you can weave yourself in, more deeply, more meaningfully.

I am so happy to be in the Black Gold Matrix with you.



Thank you to ©Dheeren Gibbard 2011 for the quote from this week’s Rainbow Revelation.  For more information see

Thank you to Shraddha Bhagalia for this brilliant graphic.

For information about the next Colour Ray course in September:

The next course I will be teaching is the Shaman’s Drum with Pete Bengry 12th -14th of August.  For more info

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Subtle Turquoise Winds after the Wild Black Storm

Last week we had the cathartic energies of Storm Black and White Lightning to stir the drama in our lives to a furious pitch. The Mauve Ray was there to comfort us as we braved the depths of while challenged by the tempest.

How did you fare?

Our souls enjoy the gritty challenges to grow. Last week you may have been a rider of the storm or you may have raged against it.  Whatever you did, you had the chance to be cleansed by the wild energies as they thrashed through and tore away that which was inessential. These Rays support us to embrace our depths, to feel our authentic voice.

And now the calm restores itself after the storm. This week brings us the subtle energy of the Turquoise Winds, angelic divine energy whispering gently, moment to moment, guiding us.  The voice of spirit is soft and subtle.  When you listen to your inner guidance you fall in tune with existence, you hum with the universal harmonies.

This week is the opportunity to come into alignment, to enjoy times of aloneness so you can be soft with your inner reality and receive the codes which you need to fulfil your own awakening.

Make a space this week to receive the infinite, timeless blessings and gifts of your own soul. You are the key.  Enjoy the mystery of your deepest self.

I want to thank Dheeren for the inspirations of the Rainbow Revelations which inspire my weekly blog.  You can subscribe to the Rainbow Revelations at I want to thank all the members of the current Colour Ray Athenaeum for the great energy they are putting into their journeys and explorations of the Rays.  It is magnificent and profound work you are all doing. Bravo!

The next Colour Athenaeum will take place in September for those of you interested. We will be working with the Ocean Band at that time. See

Enjoy the embrace of the subtle winds…



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Caramel for Japan – the Sector this Week

Japan is the sector featuring this week.
A dear friend of mine,  Nirava, who lives in Karuizawa in Nagano-ken in Japan, is the Guardian of the sector this week.  She has been enjoying working with the Colour Rays for many years.  She is one of our ‘reporters on the ground’  in Japan.
I am sharing the email from her un edited… to give you a taste of Japan from her point of view.
Remember as you read, do not go into fear or panic; the best way for us to send loving support is to hold space, to be a channel of love and light for the people in Japan as they go through this tumultuous change. We are all connected. Japan has made this sacrfice for all of us on the planet so let’s learn from it.  We have the power to  create miracles of healing when we work spiritually together.  Let’s transmute the toxic energy with our love, with our light and with our colours.
Caramel is such a beautiful energy to shower upon Japan.
Nirava’s news:
51 days have passed since the catastrophic earthquake happened in Tohoku and Kanto area.  I think many of you already know much about it through pictures and reports in the papers or magazines. The main devastated prefectures are from the north; (Tohoku area) Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima,  and (Kanto area) Ibaragi  and all of them  are included  in my Sector this week.  So, I would like to tell you how they are now generally as far as I know.
*  deaths:  14,662 (March 30)
Yesterday, 29th, the number was 14,616.  So, 46 people were found dead and added to the sad numbers in a day.  Everyday the numbers are increasing.
*  missing: 11,019 (March 30)
Both of death and missing are 25,681.  By the way, the population of Karuizawa town are now 19,227.  So, both death and missing people in those area are much more than whole population of this town…   And they say 60 % of elderly people were drowned.
* infrastructure:  Some parts are okay but not yet in most area.
* evacuees:  127,076
Refugees are decreasing only a little.  There are more than 200 shelters in those area.  The social welfare council of this town says that 5 or 6 family evacuated here in Karu too.  And 2 junior high students and 5 primary students transfered here from Tohoku area in April.  I told the council  that I’m willing to  open my class for them on Saturday afternoon as a volunteer if they want to learn English.
People can evacuate but domestic animals are mostly left behind in a hovel and many of them are dying  without care.  They are killed by using poison if the owner permits.  I saw an owner who has so many cattle and pigs desperately talking in a sad face. He said as if he had a bad dream..  I could see some black cattle running free outside.  Many pets, dogs and cats, have sad and wretched situations too.
* radioactivity:
An accident at Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant can’t cease yet.  TEPCO wants it to come to the end by this September.  But few people believe them for now.
They found highly measured radioactivity in the soil on the playground at schools and kindergarden.  They decided to remove the polluted soil and they did.  They have done it successfully.  But they met unexpected objection from people who live around the dumping ground when they wanted to do away with the much amount of soil.  What do you think did they do with the dirty soil then?   Teachers put the soil at the corner of the playground like a mountain and covered it with a huge blue vinyl sheet!  When strong wind comes the sheet removes quickly and the polluted soil comes out!
The problem happened on the found bodies too.  They couldn’t be burned because of radiation problem.  The same problems are happening about the debris.  They can’t burn them because of the same problem.  If they are burnt the hazardous chemical substances come out.  Also,many many fresh vegetables and tons of fresh milk had to be thrown away everyday without regard to the producers’ painstaking efforts.  What’s more they must struggle with the rumor concerning radioactivity.
The disaster by the earthquake and tsunami will not make our daily life throw down into such dark space like this but the N-plant accident took away all of our hope and strength to rise up against the sad situation, I think.  We have learned through the new experience of this time  that nobody, even the top of the TEPCO, knows nothing clear for the right procedure when once the accident occurs in N-plant.  It is horrendous!
* schools: At a school in Miyagi, 74 students and 10 teachers were all taken away by tsunami.  And during the ceremony for the souls of  those victims, a body of a girl student was found.  She has been looked for for a long time…
The new semester has started in April.  Many new bookbacks were donated to the students from all over Japan.  One little girl showed a big smile when she was given some new one and the brand new textbooks.
* sports:  The tournament of the pro baseball teams and soccer J.League teams started yesterday at last.  The famous baseball team  ‘Tohoku Rakuten Eagles’ and  J. League 1 ‘Vegalta’ both played their first match in Sendai, Miyagi, and both won!   At the baseball match, 20,000 spectators gathered together and stood up to sing the national anthem with the players.  Ballpark Red energy vigorously helped them, I’m sure!
This might not enough I know well and not sure if my poor English explanations reaches you well.  But I feel our energy in Japan feels now very very low and need much help of yours.   We so much appreciate if you send Japan much much strong healing energy.  And I hope this email will be able to be of any help for you to send energy to Japan. Thank you!!!
The healing energy are the same:

Lots of love and thank you!!
Nirava  on Osho’s Return again

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Roaring Dragons and Caramel Delight

Last week we were bombarded with the roaring flames of creative life force.  The Dragon helped us with creative momentum and expression.  Springtime in the UK was certainly bursting forth.  My little apple tree has now dropped all its blossoms and young fruits are developing.  The bluebells  are in full force with their heavenly perfumes and the wild garlic with its white spikey pom pom flowers have already blossomed.

It is early but it is not surprising with the glorious sunshine we have been having for the last few weeks, which has been… well Greek like.

Along with scattered showers, this week we are now being blessed with the more subtle, sensuous embrace of the Caramel Ray. If you are reading this, get off of the computer, go for a walk outside.  Feel the sun or moon on your skin and the wind.  We have been given bodies to enjoy this Earth.  Go out and connect with the land and activate your senses of touch, taste and smell.  This is the week to absorb, receive nourishment and delight in our bodies.  This body the buddha…  this Earth, our paradise.

Do whatever it is you need to do to appreciate your senses.  We are ushering in a new era of the divine feminine.  We are the ones calling it back. The boys and their war toys diminish in importance as we choose our priorities.  So what are you focussing on?  Got your head in a whirl over news events?

We can reset our priorities. We choose what we focus on.  I choose life.  I celebrate my senses. Let’s slip through the Caramel veils …. loving this beautiful Earth who gives us all we need for life.

Have a SENSATIONAL week… and to close I leave you with a quote from the beautiful Mystic Osho who is actually quite shamanic.

“At night, when the sky is filled with stars,

do not think about them, but see them. 

And when the waves dance on the vast expanse of the ocean,

do not think about them, but see them.

And when a bud is opening into a blossom see it, just see it!

When there is no thought but only seeing,

a great secret is revealed and

access is gained through the door of nature

into that mystery which is God. 

Nature is nothing more than a veil over God,

and only those who know how to lift the veil

become familiar with the truth of life.”


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