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If You Aren’t Enjoying, You Are Depriving This Planet of Joy

Mango and Caramel Delight, Bluebell Blue Wonder… What delicious colours feature this week!  How hard can it be to embody the sensuous Caramel dance, to imbibe the luscious exotic Mango streams of the laid back tropics and Imageto enjoy the wonder of the self-love of the Bluebell Blue? Do not resist temptation this week folks!  Give in to your senses and indulge in what feels nourishing and good. This is the mood of the moment, so go for it!  This is what is in harmony at this time, these are the streams being showered upon you to uplift and raise the energy of Light from within you.

Many of us have a spiritually ascetic side from past lives or ancestors. In some twisted way, suffering has been equated with being spiritually evolved. The challenge this week is: How much pleasure you will allow yourself to experience?  If you aren’t enjoying then you are depriving this planet of joy. So join the dance, savour some delicious fruit and celebrate the treasure that you are. You are a gift to this world, see your own beauty, recognise it and affirm it. Your duty this week is to enjoy yourself.

One of the ways to do that is to join in the fun that Sandra Ingerman will be having, starting today!  She is beginning a new class online called “Deepening our Practice,” and will be working with tools from Medicine for the Earth.  This is an amazing opportunity to work with Sandra at a very reasonable cost from your own home.   She will be broadcast streaming live video through the internet for six classes over alternate months with the last class being in 2013.  This is a great opportunity to be part of an on-going community sharing a focus organised by a world-class teacher.  Even if you miss the first call TONIGHT you can catch up as they are all recorded.

Check it out here: Ingerman’s Deepening our Practice   

Other news: We had a fabulous weekend of Ancestral Healing over March 23rd -25th.  The tears flowed, the healing happened! It was one of the most lovely circles of open-hearted people, who just dove in and did the deep work. Being by the sea and being able to work with the elements accelerated the process.  We had a cracking fire ceremony. Due to the requests for ancestral healing, I have booked a second weekend for this year — June 1st – 3rd — and as always it is limited to 6 constellations so we have time for other ancestral work. Some places are booked already, so if you are considering, check out my website to book or give me a ring to see if it is right for you. 

Yesterday, Pete and I were out walking along the stream, through the woods, harvesting nettle tops for soup and nettle tea. The plants are surging and the plant devas are singing.  We had a brilliant day and met some old friends along the way.  


It is so beautiful and the air is filled with the sweet smell of spring bursting everywhere.  The sun has been streaming, the winds are carrying the perfumes.  Go on, get off the computer,  enjoy the nectars…time to be outside!

Much love,



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The Silent yet Sizzling Inner Highway

Being close to your inner self, leads you through the eternal gateways. When you can give the gift of silence and softness to yourself in the hurry scurry madness, you create your own elixir.  With the demands and pressures of work, of making a living, we can delude ourselves that it is okay to sacrifice the moments of stillness and silence.  After all, things need to get done.

But it is an illusion.  We need the silence, we need the stillness, we need the space just to be: to be with the trees, the rivers, the rocks and stones.  Stillness, non-doing, is not a luxury; it is a necessity, to drop into the zone, to descend into our inner depths, to feel from within.  These moments of stillness create a magical energy which emanates through all our activities and helps to create genuine intimacy with others.

Last week the Colours Pale Orange, Peach and Embryo Pink, created a special gateway to receive this energy.  Excuse me for not writing sooner about it, but I jumped off the wheel of doing and I retreated into silence… and it was so blissful, so juicy, I knew you wouldn’t mind.

And now after stillness, we are restored, ready to move forward with the Chemical White Ray; Chemical White is an energy of alchemy, the momentum for inner transformation.

To quote from this week’s Rainbow Revelation:

“If you let the Chemical White energy move through you, riding its momentum, you find yourself exhilarated.  You feel a lightness of spirit – as though touched by the Delight of the angels as you hurtle past the boundaries. The lightning-swift reactor of Chemical White raises the rate of vibration, melting the unnecessary chains or safety-bars, which hold you back from hurtling forward on the inner quest.”

We all have conditionings and mindsets which limit us. And basically as we become enlightened, filled with more light, we need to drop the loads of old habits which keep us limited and small. Yes, you know the habits which need to go.  This week we are supported by the energies from existence to see what they are and to let them be taken from us.  The Chemical White Ray wants to make your life lighter and help you shape shift into your true self. The Timber Brown Master is on hand as well to help you prune away the dead wood which simply is a burden.

So do not cry for what you lose this week, learn to celebrate it and give thanks to the powers that be for helping you to shift the load and become more authentic and aligned with your soul’s purpose.

This is the time to say ‘yes’ to the alchemy. It is for the greater good.

We are starting the 8 week online course The Colour Athenaeum this coming week.  With great joy and excitement I welcome these souls into the initiations with the sacred alchemy of colour!  If you are still thinking of joining, let Chemical White help you to move quickly!

With love, with light, with laughter,


For more information:

about Rainbow Revelations: www.laughingrainbow.org

Or joining the Colour Athenaeum and Colour Ray Practitioner Training:



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Riding The High Seas of Enlightening

“In times of darkness, you can be open in a way that you do not need to be when you are moving in celebration.  You are humbled; you are open because you crave help, you crave the existence of the gods; you crave the messages from other worlds.

If you are arrogant and haughty, you will never feel the beauty of the immortals.  The veils are soft and yielding between the worlds.  The immortals are just a shimmer, a glimmer away, but it is when life feels stark that you need them most.  In times of difficulty, the High Seas of life dare you to be open to the immortal gods.”

This week we have been challenged by the highs and low of the rocking waves of the High Seas. I hope you have been enjoying being on tossed around on the waves! We have had the Chocolate and Strawberry Colour Rays to help us relax, slow down, chill out sink into our senses. How can you feel tense as chocolate dissolves and melts?  How can you tighten when Strawberry juice bursts?

It is true that when we suffer, when we are cracked open by difficult circumstances in our lives, we have the choice: we can feel that vulnerability or we can harden ourselves, toughening up, becoming embittered and denying our vulnerability.  We can feel our helplessness or we can armour ourselves.

If we can allow the vulnerability, great things can happen! If you can allow yourself to crack up, break down, then there is a gap – a gap for the divine to enter.  Cobb Gold is the invisible divine presence which seeps into our souls through the cracks; a honeyed liquid consciousness, a healing balm.

The Cobb Gold presence will not fight with our defences and barriers; it patiently surrounds and holds, so when cracks appear, it can flow in and fill with its comfort, its scintillating awareness. But we have to open to receive it.

“Be with us, beloveds.  Be with us in your softness and your love.  I know mankind is racing around and times for relaxation are often rare.  But this is the way in: to relax in Strawberry Red juiciness, Chocolate laziness – coming closer to us, breathing in the perfume of the immortal ones.

A great risk is needed to be close to the immortal ones, the Enlightened Ones.  It is far easier than you would think; just the scales and the shields need to be removed.  The scales and shields are sometimes useful for the world, so it is a risk to let them fall away.  But to commune with us in a melty, honeyed softness, those shields and scales only get in the way.

And if you commune with us, it is easier to live the earthly life.  It is not a dense affair any more.  It becomes magical, fresh, sparkling!”

Enjoy what is left of this week. I was away in the opening component of the 2011 Shamanic Practitioner Apprenticeship and I must say we have a BEAUTIFUL group of souls who are diving in deep on the High Seas, riding the waves in great bliss and companionship. I am feeling very blessed to be working with such extraordinarily courageous souls who are committed to opening and merging with the Divine. Blessed are we!

May the Cobb Gold wisdom always embrace you, may the Chocolate Ray help you relax deeply into your senses and may the Strawberry juice fill you with great nourishment and delight.

Much love


P.S.  Thank you to Dheeren Gibbard for the quotes from this week’s Rainbow Revelation.  For more information or to subscribe to the Rainbow Revelation: www.laughingrainbow.org.  To join courses: www.vision-voyages.com

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