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Planetary Healers unite in Orange Chorus

Happy New Year!

The Station of the week is TIME SPACE PORTAL


Excerpts from the Rainbow Revelation for this week:

“To transform the Earth through dedicated, practical work takes great courage; transforming oneself takes even more. But now the two are melting and mingling.  You do not fight against the ancient cord which binds you to this planet Earth, but you let that ‘chord’ sing, you let it breathe as you go further on your journey into the oneness.”

“This moment is the moment of the Orange Chorus, when all souls who have been trained and guided to this moment, join together and sing their soul’s song in honeyed harmony.  Whatever your song, this is the year you can sing it; this is the year when you puncture the illusion and then you can simply be: your own self, a wonderful sparkling star of being, enjoying the mysteries and the wonder of the oneness.  All that is needed is your ‘yes’ to join in the solar chorus.  Then layers and scales can be removed from centuries past and you can dance.”

“This is a year where the spirit of Captain’s White is the most essential spirit upon this Earth.  For years, decades, centuries and millennia groups of people have been trained and it is this New Year which shows up the Captain’s White spirit: the shimmering evolution of your soul as you move through the blizzards into the oneness, which is like silent snow.”

“This year White Lightning will hit, puncturing the illusion, making it clear what that illusion is.  It will hit both on the planet and in personal lives, because it is needed.  Without White Lightning, nothing moves.  All stays stagnant, as humans seek their cosy boxes.  With White Lightning, you can be blasted into infinity!  It is majestic and magnificent; it is the energy which will drive you through the Time-Space Portal.”


What  a great opening to 2011!

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