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Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There

Sunset Orange and Barbarous Red Reflections: Dying Gently into this Good Night.

In Dylan Thomas’ famous poem written as his father lay dying he urged:

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.  […]”

As people on the path to awakening, each moment invites us to let go of the fear-based, rational self and surrender to the greater wisdom of our vast, yet intangible soul. This can be frightening.  However, it is getting less and less frightening as the stakes seem to be getting higher and higher.

With all the Earth changes, monetary interlocking insecurity and financial shenanigans, with the pace of daily life speeding up, we seem to be pressed to make a clear choice at each juncture:  Do we go with fear based conditionings pumped out by the politicians, business moguls and media?  Or do we choose to have trust in the invisible, the intangible which is accessed only from our inner depths? Do we descend into fear and chaos?  Or do we rise in radiant awareness finding silence in our peaceful stillness?

Sanity lies deep within but do we make the space in our lives to sink deep within?  There is much fear mongering to keep people feeling busy and hassled.  A deep Barbarous Red rage can arise to fight against becoming a ‘doing’ machine: doing, doing, doing, running just to keep food on the table to ‘survive’.  This is what the powers that be would have us believe.

There is a gorgeous quote from the mystic Osho, which turns this conditioning on its head.  He said, “Don’t just do something, sit there.” But how easy is it to let go to sink like the sun upon the horizon and allow yourself to drop into stillness?

Sunset Orange, as a teacher, urges us to let go, release and relax our anxieties and fears.  The suggested meditation for this week is to practice letting go of your anxieties and stress as the sun sets each day.  Lay your responsibilities and burdens down with the sun, knowing full well that you can shoulder them when the sun arises.

You can take short breather breaks during the day, visualizing the sun setting and with it your troubles.   This has the benefit of recharging your batteries so you do not become out of balance with Barbarous Red.  Barbarous Red is about vitality and expressing your life force creatively.  You need to be well rested to channel that energy productively.  It is no good being tired and ratty. How often do mistakes happen out of exhaustion? How much illness arises due to the immune system being worn down with stress?

Barbarous Red comes with the positive energy of the warrior.  He will help you to rage against the conditionings which would make you a machine, the “dying of the light”.

It is a potent week this week of letting go of stress and recharging your batteries to bring your vitality back. Enjoy!

We are very much enjoying traveling in our circle with the Colour Athenaeum. What a great group of souls….

With loving colour,


For more information about the Colour Rays or the Colour Athenaeum:

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