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Wisdom in the Forest Green Depths

“Amidst the pine needles lie roots of wisdom.  To be immersed in the forest darkness is to be immersed in the eternity of the worlds.  Sinking deep inside, you can hear the forest speaking with its eternal voice …”

Last week with the “Life force energy for transformation” , what we experienced internally as individuals, was also manifest externally — in world events where we watched Egypt go though a major transition.  The whole world was watching as the voice of the people was heard. Mubarak has stepped down. The Caramel and Atom Grey Rays penetrated and the new energies swept in through the peaceful protest. Now it is time to bring this peak of energy to a point of stillness, to ground it in the roots in the earth.

In the deep, dense darkness of the forest, an owl hoots, a pigeon cries. The primordial silence is etched with crackling sounds as the wind rattles the naked trees. The forest is full of mystery, a bewitched symphony of the unknown. Animals scud across the undergrowth.

The Forest Green energy is here to help us anchor the changes.  Society does not encourage this inward turning momentum. We are so disconnected it has come to the point where people are even scared of turning within, going to the still point of their being; equating aloneness with loneliness.  Yet great gifts lie within.

“No man or woman can truly penetrate the forest depths.  The creaking forest is both a home and a mystery that can never be fully tapped.  As you move inside your own being – your inner forest – the deepening mystery holds you with a quivering thrill, a sense of promise and expectation.”

Most of us are conditioned to be doing, constantly busy, constantly engaged, hyper stimulated, focussed on achievement and accomplishing things. The mind likes to be engaged.  When we meditate and put the mind in neutral gear with no focus and drive, it can get a bit freaked out.

“The mind wants solutions, but in the forest there are none – only a deepening sense of wisdom, a vague misty trust, a sense of wonder.”

What happens when you are alone in the inner forest of your being? Can you feel the beauty and quietness? Perhaps ephemeral unnameable fears surface initially.  Being in nature helps, but in the beginning it can be terrifying. It takes great determination to be undeterred in this mission of going within, and yet what is the reward?  What do we find within?  What do we accomplish through meditation?  We dissolve into the mystery; we  leave the goal-oriented, doing world behind and we enter a primordial state of being.  We simply are.

This is a week to enjoy your solitude, the beauty of your own being. As we dive within enjoying the mystery of self, we emanate the energy of peace and calm contemplation. We heal ourselves and we transmit this supportive energy to our brothers and sisters in Egypt.  Let us support the Egyptian people as they sink into their deep wisdom to make harmonious, intelligent decisions through these great changes.

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