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Vision Voyages in 2012

Hi Everyone

Cosmic momentum is moving us swiftly into 2012 and it is a wonderful year to experience the outpouring of divine energies.  When the surges of expansion arrive, many feel challenged.  It can be hard to remember at the time, but these periods of challenge are the critical moments where enormous opportunities for growing present themselves.  We have no choice but to use our deepest resources within ourselves to transform the obstacle into a teaching.  Nothing prepares you more effectively than using your skills of shamanic journeying and meditation to keep you flowing smoothly on your river.


Introduction to Journeying  —  February 4th – 5th

Our next Introduction to Shamanic Journeying is being held February 4th and 5th in Lyme Regis, Dorset. Join us, so you can learn the method to alter your state of awareness at will and expand your awareness, learning to see as a shaman sees?  Journeying is a natural progression from having a shamanic healing and it helps you to integrate your healing.  It feels fantastic to merge with your own sources of inspiration and wisdom within.  Nothing is more healing than going straight to your source.

When you learn to journey you are empowered with vision, grace and healing.  Wouldn’t that be useful?  Click here for more

Sharing in a Shamanic Community?

Join the Colour Athenaeum   —  Starting March 3rd

This March we are kicking off the next round of the Colour Athenaeum — exploring the 21 Colour Rays of the Mauve Band.  This circle is for people who want to join an online shamanic community with 8 weekly conference calls and assignments with an online forum.

If you are looking for an excuse to discipline yourself to journey more, learn about yourself, and be part of a circle focussed on healing, self, others and the planet, then you would benefit from being part of the Athenaeum.  Those who work with Reiki and shamanism LOVE working with the Colour Ray Masters as they delight in touching us with their energy, as well as wisdom through shamanic journeys.

The Colour Athenaeum is not only the best excuse to keep practicing, and to stay focussed on your spiritual journey work, it offers you a opportunity for continuing professional development and personal work in a playful, yet deep way.

The Colour Rays offer you the chance to evolve your work as a practitioner, enhancing your expertise as a shamanic practitioner or light worker, helping you to be more precise, subtle and refined.  Experience the magic as you get more deeply involved and form personal relationships with the Masters of Light and bring that energy into your daily living.   Click here for more…

Ancestral Healing with Family Constellation  —  March 23rd – 25th

Ancestral HealingThe weekend of March 23rd- 25th is filling up fast, so if you are thinking about it, you probably want to act very soon to book a spot to have your constellation done as there are only a few places left now.  There are more spaces to come as representatives and do the ancestral storytelling and journey work for your family.

We have some more workshops lined up for the year including Shamanic Healing and Integration in June, Medicine for the Earth in September and we are beginning the next circle of Shamanic Practitioner Apprentices.  Go to my Vision Voyages website for more information about those.

There are a couple of workshops lined up in the States as well at the end of September and the beginning of October, sandwiching my visit to Ghost Ranch in New Mexico with Sandra Ingerman Teachers.  How I love to meet my colleagues there!  Blessings of the interlocking circles abound.

Meditation Anyone?

MeditationOften people say to me, “I know meditation is good for me but I don’t know how to do it.  I have tried and it doesn’t seem to work.”  I have found that meditation helps journeying and journeying helps meditation.  On most of my courses, I introduce easy to follow meditation practices to help you to deepen and become the “Hollow Bone” or “Hollow Bamboo”.   The ones I most highly recommend are ‘Osho Kundalini Meditation’, and ‘Osho Nadabrahma Meditation’.
Both of these hour-long meditations have various stages and are available on a CD which has directions enclosed.  And it is easy to stick with your practice after our time together by picking up one of the CDs on Amazon and continuing at home.
When ‘stuff’ arises and it is hard to shake free, Osho Kundalini is the one to try as it includes 4 stages including shaking and dancing.  Osho Nadabrahma also has stages but it is more sound based with humming. It activates and clears the pineal and pituitary glands, helping you to have clear vision. Though it has less physical movement than Kundalini, that is not to say it is less powerful!  To download the meditations, click here.


I want to say thank you to everyone who sent healing to Ian, Pat Malcolm’s (the visionary animal artist: http://earth7artist.wordpress.com/) grandson who is recovering and been able to come off dialysis and hopefully soon to go home.  Be well Ian, and may the love and healing continue.
I want to welcome Kamelia and Dylan’s beautiful baby girl who arrived 16th of January at 3:50 am in Cardiff.   Happy arrival beautiful soul!  We look forward to hearing the good news of Moschoula and Yiorgos’s easy delivery of their baby in Greece this February.  Welcome to planet Earth little ones!
Liz and Ross will be heading to Liz’s homeland Brazil soon with 7 months old baby Zaria who was born in Dorset.  All of us in Lyme wish you a very happy journey with fun adventures ahead, though we all will miss those sparkling eyes and happy cuddle times at the Friday morning gatherings!
Blessings to all for a happy and prosperous 2012.  I look forward to our paths crossing at the right time.
Love Chetna

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