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Subtle Turquoise Winds after the Wild Black Storm

Last week we had the cathartic energies of Storm Black and White Lightning to stir the drama in our lives to a furious pitch. The Mauve Ray was there to comfort us as we braved the depths of while challenged by the tempest.

How did you fare?

Our souls enjoy the gritty challenges to grow. Last week you may have been a rider of the storm or you may have raged against it.  Whatever you did, you had the chance to be cleansed by the wild energies as they thrashed through and tore away that which was inessential. These Rays support us to embrace our depths, to feel our authentic voice.

And now the calm restores itself after the storm. This week brings us the subtle energy of the Turquoise Winds, angelic divine energy whispering gently, moment to moment, guiding us.  The voice of spirit is soft and subtle.  When you listen to your inner guidance you fall in tune with existence, you hum with the universal harmonies.

This week is the opportunity to come into alignment, to enjoy times of aloneness so you can be soft with your inner reality and receive the codes which you need to fulfil your own awakening.

Make a space this week to receive the infinite, timeless blessings and gifts of your own soul. You are the key.  Enjoy the mystery of your deepest self.

I want to thank Dheeren for the inspirations of the Rainbow Revelations which inspire my weekly blog.  You can subscribe to the Rainbow Revelations at www.laughingrainbow.org. I want to thank all the members of the current Colour Ray Athenaeum for the great energy they are putting into their journeys and explorations of the Rays.  It is magnificent and profound work you are all doing. Bravo!

The next Colour Athenaeum will take place in September for those of you interested. We will be working with the Ocean Band at that time. See http://www.vision-voyages.com

Enjoy the embrace of the subtle winds…



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